Tainy's New Album, 'DATA', Collaborations

2023 Best Latin & Urban Albums: From Karol G to Tainy

We review some of the best studio works released in recent months

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If there’s one thing we’re getting plenty of in 2023, it’s good music – a succession of hit tracks that create the perfect soundtrack for various moments in our lives. That’s why every time one of our favorite artists announces an album, we can’t help but jump for joy, knowing that a compilation of songs is on its way to bring us closer to their inner world, making us dance and create new memories.

From Karol G’s history-making Mañana Será Bonito to Tainy’s brilliant and highly anticipated DATA, we recap some of the most acclaimed studio works of this year.

‘Mañana Será Bonito’ and ‘Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season)’ by Karol G

The release of Mañana Será Bonito and its more «BICHOTA» version (which acts as its B-side) is a clear reflection of the personal journey that the Colombian diva has embarked on, following a challenging breakup and a relationship with not-so-fond memories.

Featuring incredible collaborations with Shakira, Quevedo, Romeo Santos, Peso Pluma, and Kali Uchis, along with the invaluable touch of Ovy On The Drums, and drawing inspiration from various sources (ranging from «Don’t Worry, Be Happy» to stylistic elements seen in Rosalía’s Motomami (2022), Mexican music, and previous albums by Bad Bunny), Karol G reinvents herself in this dual release, which has catapulted her to the top of charts within and outside of the United States.

Having recently begun her first-ever stadium tour in the country and surpassing Benito in global Latin artist sales, there’s no doubt that the Bichota will continue making history wherever she goes.

‘La Vida Es Una’ by Myke Towers

Myke Towers has experienced ecstasy (both literal and commercial) with his hit «LALA,» which is likely to be one of the summer anthems. This viral release is part of his eagerly anticipated album, La Vida Es Una, his fourth studio work. Towers has skillfully channeled his energy and talent, solidifying a unique style within the genre. He’s also emerged as one of the unquestionable leaders of the new generation of young reggaeton artists that we are witnessing.

With 23 tracks spanning various urban and Caribbean rhythms, the album ignites a strong and sensual urge to dance. It features stellar collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Chita, J Balvin, and Arcángel.

‘Genesis’ by Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma has completely revolutionized the internationalization of Mexican music this year. Achieving global popularity while staying true to his roots and style, the artist not only gives shape to the recent and specific subgenre of corridos tumbados, but also displays remarkable versatility in his music. He can sing anything from a ballad with Nicki Nicole to reggaeton with YNG LVCAS or Karol G, or even a Dembow track with El Alfa.

Genesis, Peso Pluma’s third studio album, has reshaped the game this year. He’s become one of the most-listened-to artists in the United States, leading the Los40 USA chart and launching the album under his own label, La Doble P Records. Collaborations with Jasiel Nuñez, Eladio Carrión, Junior H, Natanael Cano, Blessd, Grupo Frontera, and more are also featured on the album.

‘Vida Cotidiana’ by Juanes

In May of this year, Juanes unveiled his highly anticipated album Vida Cotidiana, a remarkable release that delves into the intricate aspects of everyday existence, exploring evolving perspectives on matters of love, matrimony, family, and his native Colombia. The holder of an impressive 27 Grammy and Latin Grammy awards, Juanes persists in reconnecting with his core by blending pop/rock elements with the rich tapestry of Latin American rhythms.

This marks his 11th studio album, accessible in both digital and CD formats, signifying the continuation of a fresh creative phase, partly born from the introspective journey undertaken during the pandemic and the triumph over a personal and familial ordeal. These encounters lend profound significance to this new composition.

‘DATA’ by Tainy

Certainly one of the most outstanding albums of the year, the debut studio work by Puerto Rican producer Tainy. DATA is a love letter to Japanese culture, reggaeton, and immersive sound textures. Its essence is evident from the start through the cover, featuring the android SENA, an anime character (one of the artist’s passions) representing the entire story and inspiration behind «DATA.» It includes a wide numer of dazzling collabds with big names in the scene like Myke Towers, Arcángel, Jhayco, Bad Bunny, Young Miko, Wisin & Yandel and more.

‘Antes de Ameri’ by Duki

After dominating the dance floors with Temporada de Reggaeton I (2021) and II (2022), Duki has ushered in a new musical era that has evoked a sense of nostalgia among his most loyal fans. The Argentine artist returns to his trap roots, the sounds that initially propelled him to fame within the industry, and he does so through the release of a fresh studio album.

Antes De Ameri transports us directly into a unique universe meticulously crafted by the Argentine. «Ameri, for me, is that place we all want to reach. In this case, at this moment in my life, it was the inspiration. For other people, it can mean the next level, personally or professionally. It has to do with the illusion of reaching that place we dream of. Ameri, for me, represents goals that one wants to achieve in life,» explained Duki himself.

His latest studio work includes songs with Lucho SSJ, Jhayco, WE$T DUBAI, Akapellah, Quevedo, KHEA, and Bizarrap, among others.

‘Colmillo de Leche’ by Carín León

Carín León debuts his eagerly awaited album titled Colmillo de Leche, featuring a collection of 18 tracks that his devoted fans have already had the pleasure of experiencing across various streaming platforms. Songs like «Si es cierto que te vas,» «No es por acá,» «Mil maneras de morir,» and «La Primera Cita» are swiftly ascending the charts. This remarkable new studio project stands as a clear testament to the evolving landscape of Mexican music.

Furthermore, the album boasts captivating collaborations with internationally acclaimed artists. Camilo joins forces in the track «Ni Me Debes Ni Te Debo,» while Pablo Alborán contributes to «De Piedra a Papel,» and Ángela Aguilar adds her essence to «Vete Yendo.» These partnerships add an extra layer of allure to an already spectacular musical offering.

‘3MEN2 KBRON’ by Eladio Carrión

In March, Eladio Carrión made us all vibrate with anticipation as he released his fourth studio album, «3MEN2 KBRON.» It’s a prime example of Latin trap, intermingled with some of the most influential styles from American hip-hop.

The album includes collaborations with Lil Wayne, Future, 50 Cent, and Quavo, among others. A well-rounded effort that firmly places Carrión as one of the unmistakable leaders in the urban genre hailing from the Puerto Rican school. Esteemed names in the genre like Bad Bunny, Myke Towers, and Ñengo Flow also join the party here.

‘ALMA’ by Nicki Nicole

Undoubtedly one of the most moving and exciting releases of the year comes from Nicki Nicole’s ALMA. The project aims to reflect the triangular relationship between her work, her audience, and herself.

ALMA takes us on a journey through the most human emotions surrounding heartbreak, insecurity, jealousy, and overcoming a toxic relationship. With overwhelming versatility and a prodigious voice, Nicole completes this well-rounded work with the participation of emerging stars like Young Miko and Milo J, as well as collaborations with established names in the genre like YSY A and Rels B.

‘Forever King’ by Don Omar

Merely a month after its release, Don Omar’s most recent album, Forever King, has garnered significant acclaim. It represents a captivating and multifaceted musical creation, highlighting exceptional skills in seamlessly melding classic reggaeton rhythms with tropical influences. This latest artistic endeavor remains firmly rooted in the reggaeton genre, serving as both a tribute and acknowledgment of his illustrious musical heritage. Don Omar and other seminal figures who solidified the urban music landscape in the early 2000s played a huge role in shaping the present-day identity of the genre.

Within this album, the Puerto Rican artist vividly showcases his eagerness to explore an array of rhythms. This diversity is evident in dynamic collaborations such as «Flow HP» with Residente and «Bandidos» featuring Cosculluela, as well as in tracks like «Magdalena» featuring Maluma, which exude emotional depth. The album also embraces introspective pieces like «Carcelero» and «Sincero.»


The musical comeback of Argentine trap artist KHEA materialized this year in the form of an album. SEROTONINA is a journey where the artist captures his personal process, intersecting various themes and emotions related to mental health. This kept our protagonist away from music production for some time.

With significant compositional effort behind it, the album brings us a more mature KHEA, capable of conveying greater depth in his lyrics and eager to share his experiences. It includes songs with Tiago PZK, Asan, and one of the emerging urban talents in Argentina, Milo J.