Ozuna Drops 'Afro'

Ozuna Brings Caribbean Sounds in New EP ‘Afro’

After dropping 'Ozutochi' in 2022, the Puerto Rican is back dropping several potential summer hits

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Yes, Ozuna is back! After presenting his album Ozutochi in 2022, the artist has returned to digital platforms with an EP that takes us into a new facet. It is ‘Afro’, and as its title suggests, the Puerto Rican brings us a fusion of Afro sounds with Caribbean rhythms and urban touches that lift anyone’s spirits.

Afro is the project we all need to welcome the summer. Ozuna has made sure that each and every one of the tracks included in this EP has that tropical vibe that takes us straight to a paradisiacal beach with the best company.

The EP, produced by Vicente Saavedra and with musical engineering by Hi Music Hi Flow, consists of seven songs. Among them, there are uplifting collabs with Amarion, Davido and Omah Lay. Precisely the one he shares with the first of them, ‘Tucu’, is the focus track of the project. His music video was filmed in Puerto Rico under the direction of Fernando Lugo, and perfectly reflects the flow that both artists give off with the summer vibe that we mentioned in previous lines. They are clear that they want to enjoy the party.

The release of Afro coincides with the arrival of Ozuna’s summer tour in Europe. He will be performing his new tracklist in Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Holland and Israel, which we are sure the audience will know perfectly. The tour will begin on July 7 in Paris and will end on August 6 in Torrevieja.

When Ozuna releases new music, it is always a news that lovers of urban sounds celebrate. And if there is something that the Puerto Rican has demonstrated throughout all these years is that he has enough capacity to delve into different styles, having previously navigated through trap, reggaeton, afro-beat and Caribbean sounds.

And you, have you already listened to Afro? What is your favorite song of the ones he has presented?