Shakira Explains to LOS40 the Impact of ‘Women No Longer Cry’: «No One Has The Right to Tell Us How to Heal»

We traveled to Miami to chat with the Colombian singer at the presentation of her new album

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Shakira has released a studio album after 7 years. Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Women No Longer Cry) carries much of the wolf she has become over these years, but it also embodies the unconditional love her fans have shown her in this recent stage of her life, which has been particularly affected on a personal level.

The first time we heard «Women No Longer Cry… women bill» in the Bzrp Music Sessions vol. 53, we knew that line would spark a lot of discussion, but at that moment, we didn’t understand the dimensions it would reach, nor the weight it would carry just a year later. The line resonated in January 2023, and in just one year, it has become a feminist slogan whose meaning goes far beyond capitalizing on a negative personal experience.


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And that’s something the star from Barranquilla has explained herself in her encounter with our LOS40 host Cris Regatero in Miami. Our colleague traveled there to attend the album’s presentation and chat a bit about some curiosities of the album, tracing a journey through its four editions: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire.

The Colombian singer has told us that the creation process of this project «has been a constant dialogue, that’s why I say I didn’t create it alone, but with my pack, with those women who have also gone through life situations that are universal.» «These feelings and emotions we all go through are not exclusive to a particular situation […] and these songs have a function beyond myself and a purpose to represent other people in their personal battles. In their struggles and in their triumphs, because the stories of this album are also of triumph; the tears are tears of triumph. They are tears that turn into diamonds and represent the strength and resilience that we women have.»


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And in that representation of women’s strength, Shakira has reflected on this historical role attributed to us.

«Historically, women have had the role, not only of being victims, but they send us to cry with a script in hand and tell us how we have to do it: we have to hide the pain from others, from our children, show good manners, be elegant and sober in the face of pain and adversity… And who has to tell us how to dry our tears and how to heal? No one has the right to do so. That’s something that is intrinsic and personal,» she declares.

«With this slogan of ‘Women No Longer Cry,’ what I mean is that, obviously, crying is a physiological, human, and psychological need, both for men and women, but this idea of ​​sending us to cry with a script in hand just because you’re a woman… no. I mean, I cry when I want and if I don’t want to, I don’t cry. And when I do, you don’t have to tell me how. I do it the best way I can

Next Step: A Tour to Remember

Of course, after releasing an album, the next step (natural and logical) is usually to plan a tour. Shakira has confirmed, without giving approximate dates, that «there will be a tour.» And not just any tour, the artist senses that it will be the most important tour of her career.


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Wherever it may be, the Colombian can always come to the LOS40 Music Awards 2024 and celebrate our great music party. Cris let her know she’s more than welcome, as last year we connected with her directly from Miami and she gave us a very intimate performance of «Acróstico.»