Peso Pluma New Album ‘ÉXODO’

Peso Pluma Drops New Album ‘ÉXODO’ Without His Iconic Mullet

We tell you everything you need to know: collaborations, tracklist and more!

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Since Peso Pluma burst onto the music scene in 2023, his career has been on a rapid rise. Many of his achievements have been groundbreaking for a regional Mexican artist and even for Mexican artists in general. For instance, he was the first to perform regional Mexican music at the VMAs, the only one invited twice to Jimmy Fallon’s show, and among the first Mexican to headline the prestigious Coachella festival.

And let’s not forget his songs, which have topped charts not just in Mexico but also in the United States and globally. However, despite all these achievements, nothing can hold him back, and on June 20th, Peso Pluma officially released ÉXODO, his new and fourth studio album. Moreover, he has introduced this new musical ‘era’ without his iconic hairstyle, the mullet. 


This musical project is a double album with a total of 24 songs. The first part consists of 16 songs leaning towards regional Mexican and corridos tumbados.’ The second part, featuring 8 songs, explores themes closer to Latin trap and reggaeton, including his notable collaborations with Anitta on «BELLAKEO» and with DJ Snake on «TEKA.» 

Both albums are packed with collaborations featuring well-known artists, both Mexican and international, such as Cardi B, Rich the Kid, Arcángel, Ryan Castro, and others. Among Mexican artists, he collaborates with internet sensation Kenia Os, as well as some he has previously worked with, like Junior H, Eslabón Armando, Natanael Cano, Gabito Ballestero, and more. 

In the initial hours after the album was released on digital platforms, it quickly racked up a huge number of streams, as expected. Standout tracks like «TOMMY & PAMELA,» «BRUCE WAYNE» and «HOLLYWOOD» each surpassed 500,000 plays on Spotify right after their release. 

ÉXODO Disc One Tracklist

  1. «LA DURNAGO» Ft. Junior H and Eslabón Armado
  2. «ME ACTIVO» Ft. Jasiel Nuñez
  3. «LA PATRULLA» Ft. Netón Vega
  4. «LA PEOPLE II» Ft. Tito Double P and Joel de la P
  5. «SR. SMITH» Ft. Luis R. Conriquez
  6. «ROMPE LA DOMPE»Ft. Junior H and Óscar Maydon
  7. «MAMI» Ft. Chino Pacas
  8. «BELANOVA» Ft. Tito Double P
  10. «HOLLYWOOD» Ft. Estevan Plazola
  11. «RELOJ» Ft. Iván Cornejo
  12. «ICE»
  14. «SANTAL 33» Ft. Óscar Maydon
  15. «VINO TINTO» Ft. Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros
  16. «14 – 14»

ÉXODO Disc Two Tracklist

  1.  «GIMME A SECOND» Ft. Rich the Kid
  2. «PUT EM IN THE FRIDGE» Ft. Cardi B
  3. «PA NO PENSAR» Ft. Quavo
  4. «PESO COMPLETO» Ft. Arcángel
  5. «BELLAKEO» Ft. Anitta
  6. «MALA» Ft. Ryan Castro
  7. «TOMMY & PAMELA» Ft. Kenia Os
  8. «TEKA» Ft. DJ Snake