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Corridos Tumbados: Origins, Meaning & Exponents

On this National Heritage Month, we delve into the origins of the subgenre that Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano have taken to another level

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To continue our celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re delving into a genre that has been steadily capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. It’s not only dominating the Latin charts but also making a significant impact on the music scene in the United States: Corridos tumbados. By now, it’s nearly impossible not to have heard the name Peso Pluma, a leading figure in this genre and a young artist who has already shattered numerous records in Mexican music history.

Origin of the Corridos Tumbados

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of corridos tumbados, it’s important to take into account certain aspects of Mexican music. Despite the considerable surge in popularity of ‘Regional Mexican music,’ the truth is that Mexican music comprises a diverse range of genres that extend beyond the ‘regional’ category. In the case of corridos tumbados, as the name implies, they emerge from the sub-genre of corridos. As it is a relatively new genre, it has been given the name due popularity ‘tumbados’, but they are also known as ‘Trap corridos.’

What are ‘Corridos Tumbados’, the Variant of Regional Mexican Music Blanketing Charts in the U.S?
Natanael Cano performs on the Gobi Stage during Weekend 2, Day 3 of the 2022 Coachella Festival. Scott Dudelson / Getty Images.

What Are Corridos?

Corridos are a traditional form of Mexican folk music characterized by narrative storytelling through song. They originated in the early 19th century during the era of Mexican independence and gained widespread popularity during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) for their portrayal of the adventures of the revolutionaries and their leaders. Corridos have played a significant role in Mexican culture, serving as a means of preserving history and storytelling. In the present day, this genre has evolved over time, encompassing a wide range of subjects in its songs.

So… What Exactly Are Corridos Tumbados?

With a better understanding of what are corridos, we can now say that corridos tumbados blends traditional corridos with, urban and trap influences, and hip-hop elements. As mentioned by El País, one could describe corridos tumbados as corridos intended for a younger audience. They retain the essential characteristics of traditional corridos, but they have reinterpreted these narratives in their own way, drawing from their surroundings and personal experiences. In essence, this genre has evolved and adapted to reflect the experiences of today’s Mexican youth.

This transformation is even evident in corridos tumbados artists clothing, which moves away from the traditional Mexican look of hats, cowboy boots and large belts, leaning more towards the aesthetics associated with rap culture and street-inspired.

Latest Drops
Jhayco & Peso Pluma in «Ex-Special» Music Video / Kristopher Muñiz.

Main Exponents of Corridos Tumbados

Of course, Peso Pluma is one of the main exponents of corridos tumbados. However, while he’s not the only one, he’s the artist who has brought the genre into the international spotlight.

Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano is one of the pioneering figures in the corridos tumbados genre. His journey into music began during his childhood when he discovered a passion for it, showcasing his talent at family gatherings. Soon, he embarked on his artistic development, learning to play the guitar and drawing inspiration from musicians like Ariel Camacho. His musical journey started by uploading cover videos on YouTube, and he achieved millions of views with his debut song, «El de los lentes Gucci.»

In 2019 Natanael signed to the Los-Angeles based urban regional Mexican label Rancho Humilde, which played a key role in the growth of the subgenre and has also led to artists such as Junior H or the group Fuerza Regida. He experienced a real boom in his career with the release of its second studio album Corridos Tumbados in 2019. Here, Cano demonstrated a heightened level of maturity in his personal style, displaying greater definition and determination. With this album the artist also earned his first entry in the Billboard Hot 200 albums and in the Top Latin Albums, inside the top 5.

Peso Pluma

Hassan Emilio Kabande Lajia, born on June 15, 1999, in Jalisco, Mexico, was immersed in the world of music from a young age. At just 23 years old, he has emerged as a prominent figure in Mexican music on a global scale, thanks to his chart-topping singles and collaborations. His viral hit «Ella Baila Sola» featuring Eslabón Armado held the coveted No.1 position on the US Top 50 on Spotify for several consecutive weeks. Additionally, he boasts six other songs on the chart: «La Bebé,» Remix’ featuring Yng Lvcas, «PRC» with Natanael Cano, «AMG» alongside Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros, «El Azul» with Junior H, and his highly talked-about participation in the «#55 BZRP Music Session.»

Junior H

Antonio Herrera Pérez, better known as Junior H, was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. From a very young age, Antonio’s heart was captivated by the world of music. During his high school years, he took a job as a cook at a fast food restaurant while fueling his insatiable passion for music. Determined to learn, he taught himself to play the accordion and guitar through online tutorials. In his spare moments, he wrote lyrics and recorded his compositions privately, gradually perfecting his craft.

In 2019, Antonio made his big debut on the music scene with his debut album, Mi Vida en un Cigarro. This release included their smash hit, «No He Cambiado,» a song that racked up over 2 million views and garnered a wealth of supportive comments. The undeniable talent displayed in this initial venture quickly attracted the attention of renowned record label Rancho Humilde, propelling Junior H into the music industry’s spotlight.

Eslabón Armando

Eslabón Armado consists of three young Californians, Pedro Tovar, Gabriel Hidalgo, and Bryan Tovar, who are passionate fans of Ariel Camacho’s music. Inspired by their admiration for his work, they chose to focus on the regional Mexican genre.

Their rise to fame began on the TikTok platform, and in 2019, they embarked on their musical journey together, quickly catching the attention of major record labels. Their breakthrough came with the release of «Con tus besos,» which catapulted them to the top of the Regional Mexican Albums chart on Billboard. Not to be overlooked is their tremendous success with the song «Ella Baila Sola» in collaboration with Peso Pluma.

Fuerza Régida

Fuerza Régida is a Californian group that comprises four core members: Jose Garcia, the master of the tuba; Samuel Jaimez, the expert on the requinto; Jesus Ortiz, the passionate lead singer; and Khrystian Ramos, the virtuoso of the six-string guitar.

They started performing at flyer parties, and as Jesus Ortiz told Billboard, people would stop what they were doing to pay attention to their set. The song that opened doors for them was «Radicamos en South Central,» which caught the attention of Ramon Ruiz from Legado 7. He discovered them and signed them to two labels: his Lumbre Music and Rancho Humilde. Their song «Sabor Fresa» has earned frequent placements on the Lista LOS40, and they also created the «Tiki Taka Toko» a song for The Leagues Cup.