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Did Cazzu Throw Shade at Belinda After ‘Cactus’ Release?

The Argentine artist posted a famous meme that could be aimed at 'Beli-Belika'

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Belinda recently released her new song «Cactus,» marking her return to music after a decade-long hiatus from releasing a studio album. In her own words, she’s back, now as ‘Belika’. Following the release of this song, which caused a stir for being a diss track aimed at her ex-partner, Christian Nodal, Cazzu, Nodal’s current partner, seems to have responded to Belinda through her social media. 

As mentioned, «Cactus» is clearly dedicated to the singer of «Ya No Somos Ni Seremos,» with obvious references such as the tattoo that he got of Belinda’s eyes, but which he covered up after their breakup. The “Amor a Primera Vista” singer even mentions it in a part of the song: ‘What was the point of tattooing my eyes, only to erase them with someone else’s.’ 

While Belinda’s song sparked conversation, there has been no direct response from Nodal or his current partner, with whom he has a child. However, just recently, Cazzu posted a meme on her Instagram story featuring the famous Titanic meme of Rose saying, ‘it’s been 84 years.’ 


The internet is buzzing with interpretations: some suggest that Cazzu’s post is directed at Belinda, given the timing of the song’s release following their breakup, while others speculate that it was intended for the singer La Joaqui, a friend of Cazzu’s.

Cazzu Talks About Belinda 

In a short interview with Cazzu dating back to early last year, she was asked about Belinda. The Argentine artist had only positive things to say about her, acknowledging that Belinda has been in the music industry much longer than she has and has an incredible career. She also mentioned that people sometimes make unfair comparisons between them. 

What’s your take? Is it a message to Belinda, or simply a coincidence?