Belinda Announces Fiery New Single: Who Is It Dedicated To?

The song is set to drop on August 15th, and fans are already guessing it’s about a specific ex

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Belinda has returned to music after a 10-year break from releasing an album, and she’s come back strong. She’s recently dropped two songs that have already excited her fans. Now, as she’s announced on social media, she’s ready to explore a ‘darker musical side’. Throughout her career, the Mexican singer has been careful about discussing others or gossip. She prefers to stay away from rumors and similar topics. This cautious approach was evident during her highly publicized breakup with singer Christian Nodal, where she didn’t share many details.

However, her song «Cactus» changed that, revealing insights and personal reflections about their relationship. Belinda has also mentioned that every song on her upcoming album is dedicated to someone, sparking speculation among fans about the subjects of her songs, much like when she collaborated with Natanael Cano on «300 Noches.»

Now, with Beli announcing her next song for August 15 with the message ‘Bad, but very BAD,’ fans are once again guessing about a specific ex-partner, even though details about the song are still limited. However, some online users have come to the conclusion that Beli’s message might be indirectly referring to Nodal. This speculation stems from the fact that in her recent single «Cactus», she openly talked about a breakup that profoundly affected her, leading many to draw connections between the two situations.

As we mentioned earlier, the singer has kept away from gossip and rumors, choosing not to talk about her personal life or feelings anymore. In fact, recently she went so far as to dress up as an airport employee to avoid journalists.

Despite this, it seems her new song will carry strong messages. Who do you think it might be about?

What Did Nodal Say About Belinda?

Despite Christian Nodal and Belinda breaking up in 2020, and Nodal now having a daughter with Cazzu, he continues to describe that period as one of the toughest in his life. During ‘El Podcast del WiZink Center by Endesa,’ he confessed that he went through a significant low a few years ago. Likely referring to his split with Belinda.

“I hit rock bottom pretty hard,” the «La Intención» singer admitted, mentioning that much of his struggle was fueled by comments on social media. “It took a lot of therapy… It took about a year to overcome the depression, anxiety, and other tough issues. I feel I’ve found a good balance in life where I don’t let others’ opinions dictate my life, and I’m not concerned with changing their views,” Nodal explained.