Anitta Clarifies If She Has a Relationship with Peso Pluma: ‘We Love Each Other a Lot’

The Brazilian diva addressed the million-dollar question during her tour in the USA

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One of the downsides of being a global music star is dealing with all sorts of speculations beyond the professional realm, such as romantic relationships. Breakups are never easy to handle, especially in the public eye, nor are the beginnings of new relationships. However, one thing is clear: Peso Pluma and Anitta have given us plenty of reasons to think there might be something happening between them.

Despite Peso Pluma’s nervous reaction during their first live performance together, where he was still in a relationship with the Argentine star Nicki Nicole, things have changed drastically after their split. Since then, it’s been the Doble P who seems to have taken a step forward in showing affectionate gestures with his partner in ‘Bellakeo.’

In fact, it was during their first joint performance at Tecate Festival in Mexico where we saw growing chemistry between them, when the ‘LADY GAGA’ singer gifted her a cake shaped like her bottom. Far from ending there, the artist took a bite and then gave Anitta a quick kiss, leaving the show attendees (and us) stunned.

A gesture that could hint at a beautiful friendship. However, our doubts grew with the joint appearance of both Latin stars at Coachella, when Peso Pluma invited the Brazilian during his second weekend at the festival to perform ‘Bellakeo’ again. An striking performance accompanied by some very close perreo.

Days later, they were also seen together at the afterparty of the Premio Lo Nuestro, and there were even rumors that they had several dates in Las Vegas. But has either of them spoken about it?


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Anitta Speaks: Is She in a Relationship with Peso Pluma?

Despite the more than evident flirting, neither has definitively commented on their supposed romantic relationship. It’s true that Peso Pluma has left several compliments on the Brazilian’s social media posts (something he doesn’t usually do with other female colleagues).

However, this time it was Anitta who responded to the million-dollar question. During her tour stop in Los Angeles, she was asked by journalist David Valadez if she was in a relationship with Peso Pluma, prompting the Brazilian’s characteristic laugh.

@valadezdave ¿Peso Pluma y Anitta son pareja? #pesopluma #pesoplumaoficial #anitta #davidvaladez ♬ original sound – David Valadez

“Oh my god, what a strong topic… this is a very strong topic! Well, I think he and I love each other a lot and that’s what matters. I think people always have this need to label things and I think I like to live life and see what happens. I’m a more relaxed person about this… when it’s about private matters in my life, I talk about it like it’s nothing, I don’t care. But when it involves other people, I prefer to be more private and respectful about everything,” said the ‘Aceita’ singer.

In this way, it seems that the Funk Generation author might be hinting that she and Peso Pluma are in an casual relationship. Something more about living in the moment, considering Peso Pluma’s recent breakup with Nicki Nicole. However, the Mexican singer has yet to publicly comment on the matter.

So, will we see Anitta and Peso Pluma take things more seriously in the coming weeks? Only time will tell!