The Reason Behind Peso Pluma and Anitta’s Kiss

The Latin stars left the audience stunned after coinciding at a festival in Mexico

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The truth is that if there’s one thing Anitta, the queen of Brazilian funk, and Peso Pluma, icon of «corridos tumbados,» have in common, it’s that neither of them ever leaves us indifferent. And this past weekend was no exception!

Both artists were among the stars participating in the Tecate Pa’l Norte festival in Monterrey, Mexico. The singer of «Funk Rave» performed last Saturday, March 30, the same day she turned 31.

Surprisingly, while the artist from Rio de Janeiro was on stage, Peso Pluma appeared with his face covered by a balaclava and a huge cake shaped like a giant butt with «Anitta» written on it, which she herself ended up taking a bite from (and so did the Doble P). And it wasn’t the only one, as amid all the excitement of the moment, Peso Pluma decided to reveal his face and propose a kiss to the Brazilian.


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«Today is the queen of Brazil’s birthday!» said the Mexican.

Why Peso Pluma Kissed Anitta?

This moment has surprised millions of fans because the last public appearance featuring the Doble P and Anitta was at the TikTok Festival in Arizona, where they both performed their collaboration «Bellakeo.» There we saw a wild and close Anitta trying to dance (unsuccessfully) with an apparently frightened Peso Pluma.

There’s only one difference between that moment and the one we witnessed last December: the Doble P no longer has a girlfriend. And although Nicki Nicole, the Mexican artist’s former partner, already stated that she was okay with that «dancing» between the two superstars, the truth is that the Jalisco-born interpreter didn’t seem comfortable with Anitta’s moves. Until now!


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Despite the controversy, after the TikTok festival, Anitta shared a post accompanied by Peso Pluma. «Last night was a dream. So happy and proud to have brought Brazilian funk to the first-ever TikTok music festival,» she wrote last December. A similar tone was used to close this past weekend: «This year I spent my birthday doing what I love the most and was surprised with so much love. Being received like this outside of my country was an emotion I can’t describe. Mexico, thank you for the best birthday of my life,» she wrote.

Although alarms have obviously been raised about a new romance between the queen of Brazilian funk and Peso Pluma, there’s not much more we can say for now —only time will tell!