Becky G, Peso Pluma

Viva México!: Iconic Collabs with Mexican Artists

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we recap some of the most epic hits of the year

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It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, and we’re excited to celebrate it! This month is about recognizing the contributions, culture, history, and achievements of Hispanic and Latino/Latinxs, who have roots in Spanish-speaking countries spanning Latin America, Spain, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. And, of course, we’re here to honor one of the things that unites us the most: music!

Music is a universal language that resonates deeply in our daily lives and has a profound impact on our emotional well-being by enabling us to express our feelings when words fall short. Its significance extends beyond pure entertainment it’s a powerful force that influences our emotions, memories, and experiences. Without a doubt, music possesses the incredible ability to bring people together, transcending cultural and generational boundaries.

Today, on September 15, Mexico celebrates the ‘Grito de Dolores,’ a crucial moment in its fight for independence. Like music, it unites the Latino community in the U.S., reminding us of the courage and determination that inspired independence movements across Latin America.s. Additionally, on this day, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, El Salvador, and Nicaragua also commemorate and celebrate their own hard-fought independence.

What are ‘Corridos Tumbados’, the Variant of Regional Mexican Music Blanketing Charts in the U.S?
Natanael Cano performs on the Gobi Stage during Weekend 2, Day 3 of the 2022 Coachella Festival. Scott Dudelson / Getty Images for Coachella

This year, Música Mexicana, breaking free from the «Regional Mexican» mold, has dominated the music scene, solidifying its own place and essence in its various forms. Influenced by the roots of traditional music but introducing elements ranging from hip-hop, pop, and other influential genres in the United States, it has given us some of the most chart-topping and iconic collaborations that we are still singing this year. Here are a few for you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month as it deserves. Viva Mexico!

2023 Most Iconic Collabs with Mexican Artists

Eslabón Armando & Peso Pluma – «Ella Baila Sola»

Starting this recount, it’s impossible not to lead with Peso Pluma, one of the foremost figures in the corridos tumbados genre, and an artist who has played a crucial role in the internationalization of contemporary Mexican music.

«Ella Baila Sola» catapulted the Mexican artist to international stardom, reigning supreme on charts across the US and around the world. The rising star joined forces with Eslabón Armado, the renowned California-based regional Mexican group celebrated for their sierreño ballads. The «Doble P» even performed this hit on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Grupo Frontera & Bad Bunny – «un x100to»

In this remarkable collab, the renowned Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny teamed up with the American-Mexican band Grupo Frontera to deliver a chart-topping hit that has enjoyed an extended stay on the most important charts, including ours. This song seamlessly blends Mexican musical influences with Bad Bunny’s signature style.

Furthermore, Grupo Frontera stands as a shining example of the American Dream, having shown remarkable courage in the pursuit of their musical desires. They embarked on their journey by initially sharing cover videos on YouTube, ultimately transforming into the accomplished artists they are today.

Peso Pluma & Bizarrap – «Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 55»

The Argentine producer Bizarrap has solidified his influence in the industry, consistently making history with each new BZRP Music Session’ he releases. The internet practically exploded with excitement when he announced his highly-anticipated session featuring the icon of corridos tumbados, Peso Pluma.

Together, they unleashed an explosive blend of Regional Mexican music’s distinctive rhythm with urban styles. The rapid accumulation of millions of views on YouTube only serves to underscore the cultural powerhouses that are Mexico and Argentina.

KAROL G & Peso Pluma – «QLONA»

Karol G and Peso Pluma have emerged as unstoppable forces in the music industry, consistently delivering hit after hit over the past few months. Naturally, our anticipation was high for a collaboration between Colombia and Mexico, and we got it.

Sofia Reyes & Danna Paola Ft. Kim Petras – «tqum»

Even Germany couldn’t resist the allure of Mexican music. Excitement swept over us when Sofia Reyes announced that Kim Petras would be joining her and Danna Paola for the remix of their song «tqum» at Premios Juventud. This unforgettable collaboration signified a significant moment for all the artists involved, and it also marked Petra’s first time working with Latin artists.

Grupo Frontera & Manuel Turizo – «DE LUNES A LUNES»

Mexican music also captured the heart of  Manuel Turizo, leading to a collab that fused norteño cumbia with Grupo Frontera, culminating in: «DE LUNES A LUNES.» This heart-wrenching anthem portrays its protagonists lamenting their inability to achieve the desired relationship with their muse. This hit possesses the unique ability to evoke profound emotions, demonstrating the profound impact of music and its lyrical storytelling.

Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma – «La Bebe»

Yng Lvcas is another artist who has steadily risen through the ranks in the Mexican reggaeton scene over the past few years, establishing himself as one of the most promising names on the music charts. His collaboration with Peso Pluma has given rise to one of the anthems of 2023 with an uplifting Mexican reggaeton.

Los Ángeles Azules & María Becerra – «El Amor De Mi Vida»

Even ‘La Nena de Argentina,’ an iconic urban queen, couldn’t resist collaborating with one of Mexico’s most iconic and influential groups: Los Ángeles Azules. For decades, the musical ensemble has etched an enduring legacy in the Latin music landscape. Originating from Iztapalapa, Mexico City, they have become synonymous with the vibrant rhythms of cumbia. Their distinctive sound seamlessly fuses traditional cumbia beats with modern elements, resulting in a style that is both timeless and innovative.

Maluma & Carin León – «Según Quién»

Maluma and Carín León joined forces for the release of «Según Quién,» a song that blends pop rhythm with norteño music.

Ryan Castro & Peso Pluma – «QUEMA»

Channeling the vibes of old-school Reggaeton, Colombian artist Ryan Castro joined forces with Peso Pluma to create one of the hottest summer songs of the year. While it might appear to be just another collaboration, both artists blended their distinct styles to craft a track infused with Latin history within one of the most renowned genres: Reggaeton.

Steve Aoki & Ángela Aguilar – «Invítame A Un Café»

Steve Aoki is famous for his electronic music, while Ángela Aguilar is known for her Regional Mexican songs. However, they have both released a song that doesn’t merge two entirely different genres but rather revives a old but iconic song that is a perfect blend of the past and the present.

Peso Pluma & Grupo Frontera – «TULUM»

Two of the greatest exponents and artists playing an essential role in the internationalization of contemporary Mexican music, Peso Pluma and Grupo Frontera, have delivered an unexpected blend of styles in this song. It caught many by surprise, as it merges the distinct musical styles of both artists, creating a captivating fusion with a romantic essence and an irresistibly catchy rhythm.

Kany García & Carin Leon – «Te Lo Agradezco»

For the first time, the musical worlds of the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and the Mexican artist united in a breathtaking collab. Their creation demonstrated the perfect fusion of their voices and unique styles. With a powerful regional Mexican touch, the lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the aftermath of a failed relationship, ultimately expressing gratitude that it is over.

Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole – «Por Las Noches»

Nicki Nicole is part of the emerging wave of Argentine artists who are reshaping the urban genre, introducing fresh styles, rhythms, and aesthetics. The remix of her song with Peso Pluma adds a unique –and romantic– fusion of two distinct worlds.

Becky G & Peso Pluma – «CHANEL»

Becky G is a Latin diva who proudly celebrates her Mexican heritage, emphasizing the importance of family bonds. A collaboration with «La Doble P» was inevitable. And incredible.