Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma & Karol G: Still Holding the No.1 on Lista LOS40 with ‘QLONA’

Mexican music songs are an unstoppable force and occupy numerous positions this week

Heritage Month has officially begun, and today, the 16 of September, Mexico celebrates its Independence Day.

Adding to the festivities, we have a reason to rejoice even more as one of the most influential Mexican artists in the music industry, who consistently dominates international charts, still holds the coveted number one spot on our Lista LOS40. We’re referring to none other than Peso Pluma.

However, what makes this week’s top-ranking song even more remarkable is the dynamic duo of artists behind it. Another Latin sensation who has earned global acclaim and made the entire Latin community proud is Karol G. Yes, their collaborative track, «QLONA,» continues to reign supreme in the number one position.

No. 1: «QLONA» – Karol G & Peso Pluma

«Columbia» – Quevedo 

At no. 2, climbing two spots this week, we have the exceptional talent who hails from Madrid but was nurtured in Brazil: Quevedo. In under three years of his artistic journey, he has not only conquered global music charts but also headlined a sold-out stadium show in Miami alongside Karol G.

«Lady Gaga» Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros & Junior H

Taking the no. 3 spot is Peso Pluma –yes, once again– with his collaborative song featuring Gabito Ballesteros and Junior H, and their widely acclaimed track, «Lady Gaga.» This song has now held its place on the Lista LOS40 for an impressive 11 weeks, and following Pluma’s memorable performance at the VMA’s, it’s poised to continue its chart dominance.

It’s worth noting that Pluma’s appearance at this awards show has made history, as he became the first Mexican music sensation ever to grace the awards stage with a performance of this song.

«Qué Onda» Calle 24, Chino Pacas & Fuerza Régida

In the continued celebration of Mexican musical prowess, the regional Mexican ensemble, in partnership with Chino Pacas and Fuerza Régida, has surged to no.4 with their hit song «Qué Onda» (What’s Up).

«LALA» – Myke Towers

Another artist who refuses to budge from the Top 5 of the Lista LOS40 is Myke Towers, with his now iconic track, «LALA.»

New Entry 

Peso Pluma with Jasiel Nuñez and Junior H, have collab on a song that, unlike others of the same genre, this exudes a sense of nostalgia. The song was written by Jasiel Nuñez, who’s also signed to Pluma’s Double P Records label. Nuñez and Junior are both regular collaborators with La Double P. 

Nuñez made two appearances on Pluma’s Génesis album, contributing to «Rosa Pastel» and «Lagunas.» On the other hand, Junior H, the rising star in corridos tumbados, has joined forces with Peso on tracks like «Luna,» «El Tsurito,» and «Lady Gaga.» 

This song revolves around the struggle to keep a promise of forgetting someone, even though it proves impossible. The singer finds themselves repeatedly drawn back to that person, driven by intense passion and a desire to reconnect.

However, they eventually realize that their expressions of affection are insincere, leading to a complex exploration of their own emotions, leaving them feeling somewhat «BIPOLAR».

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