Bad Bunny Teases New Song Release Before September Ends

The Puerto Rican artist announced the surprise through WhatsApp

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In today’s world, with the rapid advancements in technology and the prevalence of social media, it has become quite common for artists to use these platforms to share their news. This trend is exemplified by none other than Bad Bunny, who chose to make a significant announcement through WhatsApp: the release of a new song, and not just at the end of the year but this very month, in September.

Starting last Thursday, Benito has been sending a series of messages to his fans. However, it wasn’t until today, almost a week later, that he decided to unveil the big news, after achieving over 8 million followers and counting. “Good morning, early birds catch the worm, and late risers get wrinkled butts. How’s everyone doing? Oh, do you recall I mentioned something? Well, here it is…” he began.

Following that, he shared, “I’m not sure if this will bring you joy or not, but I’m releasing another song this year (…) and it will be out before September bids us farewell.” These messages triggered nearly 300,000 reactions in the form of emojis. Will he drop it this Friday without any prior notice, or will we have to wait until September 29th?

Bad Bunny WhatsApp
Bad Bunny’s WhatsApp Chat.

In this way, the Puerto Rican artist anticipates what will be his third single of 2023 following the resounding successes of «Un x 100to» and «Where She Goes» not to mention his participation in «K-Pop,» a song included in Travis Scott’s album Utopia. The first was a collab with Grupo Frontera, one of the most prominent groups in regional Mexican music, and the second was a solo song that introduced us to the Jersey Club sound.

What’s Next?

All indications suggest that this new release will continue in the vein of electronic music, a departure from the style we heard on his acclaimed album Un verano sin ti. As he revealed in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, “It’s impossible for the album that comes after ‘Un verano sin ti’ to sound the same. I will always seek a way to do something new,” he affirmed. However, he also said his next album has the potential to be the most personal of my career to date.

     Now more than ever. I feel more confident in talking about what I think, what I feel, and how I am living through my music.”

During the interview, he also shared that he has been experimenting with and drawing inspiration from music from the 70s, exploring various genres in both Spanish and English. However, he remains uncertain if this will influence his music as a whole or just one song. While he neither confirmed nor denied it, he hinted that his forthcoming project still unnamedmight see the light of day this fall.

Whether it arrives as a surprise drop or with a predetermined release date known to all, one thing is certain: we will be eagerly following Benito’s activities on WhatsApp.