Y2K Fashion Trends Revived by Singers

It draws inspiration from the early years of the century: Karol G, Emilia, Tini, Nicki Nicole & more!

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The 2000s were a time of considerable change, not just in technology but in various other aspects as well. Fashion, in particular, saw notable transformations during this period. Let’s remember that one notable aspect of fashion is its cyclical nature, where trends tend to reappear after some time. While certain elements remain timeless, others return with updates and improvements.

A fashion trend that’s been making waves lately is the return of early 2000s fashion, now called ‘Y2K’ fashion. While it made a comeback a few years back, it’s gaining even more attention, especially among Generation Z, thanks to its popularity on TikTok.

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The term ‘Y2K’ stands for ‘year 2000.’ The ‘K’ is added because nowadays it’s common to use that letter to represent ‘thousand,’ just like we see in counting followers, likes, or video views on social media platforms. Said that, this fashion trend draws inspiration from the early years of the century, evoking nostalgia for the iconic aesthetics of the 2000s, but adding a contemporary and urban twist, reflecting the current landscape of pop culture in general.

The Y2K Influence in Music

It’s important to note that this trend extends beyond just fashion; it touches various aspects of culture like pop culture, the visual aesthetics of the era, and even music. In this realm, we’ve seen a revival of sounds from the past, as seen with artists like Olivia Rodrigo. Not only does she embrace fashion reminiscent of the early 2000s, but her music also brings back memories of that time period.

However, she’s not alone in this movement. Urban artists such as Emilia also contribute significantly. Her album «.MP3» is a clear nod to this era. From its title to its visual style, to songs that incorporate iconic elements of the time.

Considering these points, it might be easier to identify elements that we hadn’t noticed or paid much attention to before, but now see clearly in the music and fashion of singers. So, what are those 2000s trends that artists have drawn inspiration from?

2000 Vs. Y2K Trends

Spoiler alert: Emilia will be in almost every picture because she has embraced this style as her own and has faithfully followed most of the trends from the 2000s. 


You might be surprised to know that this trend isn’t entirely new, although it has evolved over time. Cut-out clothing has been around for a while. As noted by Vogue, back in the 2000s, celebrities often wore bodycon dresses (really tight-fitting) with cut-outs. According to Bustle, this trend was first seen with the ‘futuristic’ wave of the 2000s, due to their clean lines and bold shapes. 

Today, this style has become quite common, clearly influenced by that era but now incorporating elements of transparency. Some examples include Mugler, a brand Dua Lipa loved during her ‘Future Nostalgia’ era, and we’ve also seen Nicki Nicole and Emilia rocking similar styles. 

JLo in 2009 Vs. Dua Lipa & Emilia in 2023. Getty Images / Instagram.

(Faux) Furry Coats

Although (Faux) Furry Coats have been part of fashion history for quite some time, they really took off in the 1970s. But they made a big comeback in the 2000s, becoming quite iconic. Clearly, it’s a garment that’s back in style with the Y2K trend, and we’re seeing it more and more.

Britney Spears in 2003 and Hilary Duff in 2002 Vs. TINI & Emilia in 2023. Getty Images / Instagram.

Mini Skirt 

This trend became extremely popular in the 2000s, characterized by extremely short skirts that were undeniably daring. They came in various designs, including classic plain or pleated denim, as well as more ‘rock-inspired’ ones with checkered patterns, hanging fabrics, among others.

We can clearly see them in movies from the era like Mean Girls or White Chicks, both from 2004. Once again, Vogue reminds us that one of the first brands to revive the 2000s trend was Miu Miu, with ultra-short, low-rise styles. 

Fergie in 2004, Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky in 2003 Vs. Emilia & Nicki Nicole. Getty Images / Instagram.

Cargo Pants 

This style of pants is a fashion trend inherited from the late 90s that has made a comeback mainly for its comfort, following the ultra-tight pants of the 2010s. Cargo pants are linked to rap culture due to their origins and are characterized by having large pockets on the sides of the legs.

They used to be worn lower on the hips, but nowadays they are a common and characteristic urban outfit, worn either at the hip or at the waist, with a preference for the latter due to its comfort. 

Avril Lavigne in 2003 Vs. Billie Eilish. Getty Images / Instagram.


As we mentioned earlier, fashion isn’t just about clothes –it includes hairstyles too. Surprisingly, the trend of parting the two front strands of hair from the rest was quite popular in the past, and now we’re seeing it become common again. It’s worth noting that eccentric hairstyles were also highly characteristic of the 2000s, and while they aren’t as prevalent today, there are still some variations, like Bella Hadid‘s. 

Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) in 1997, Hillary Duff in 2002 Vs. Rosalía and Bella Hadid. Getty Images.


Rhinestones and shiny clothes were a big deal in the 2000s. Dresses often featured them, and let’s not forget those tees with their glittery logos – while they’re not as common now, shiny outfits have made a strong comeback in recent years.

Paris Hilton in 2002 Vs. Kendal Jenner and Dua Lipa. Getty Images.

But it doesn’t stop there – rhinestones are making appearances in hairstyles and, as we’ve seen more often lately, in makeup. The HBO series Euphoria played a big role in making this trend popular, and singers like Emilia have adopted it as their signature look, always sporting a rhinestone just below the eye.

Paris Hilton in 2002 Vs. Alexa Demie and Emilia. Getty Images.

Tinted sunglasses / Shield Shades  

As we know, accessories played a significant role in 2000s fashion, and one distinctive item was tinted sunglasses with slender frames. They were iconic at the time and have since become emblematic of ‘Y2K’ style. Once again, Euphoria features them, with Cassie wearing a pair in one episode, and, of course, Emilia also wears them regularly. 

Paris Hilton in the early 2000’s Vs. Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard) and Emilia.

In fact, it seems like Emilia has taken making the 2000s style a part of her personal look quite seriously, as she even has the same breed of dog that appears in Paris Hilton’s photograph. 

Which of these trends do you prefer? Are there any that you currently incorporate into your style?