Rosalía & Jeremy Allen White Caught Kissing in Los Angeles

These recent photos of them do suggest a change in their relationship

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It is no longer a secret to anyone that Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White have been seeing each other for a long time. The most recent buzz was on December 26th when they were photographed walking together on a New York street, wearing coordinated outfits, with both of them primarily dressed in black. Although neither of the celebrities has officially confirmed or denied their relationship, la ‘Motomami‘ and the actor were spotted kissing on the streets of Los Angeles. 

How Did All Started?

It all began when the Deux/U podcast reported that the Spanish singer and the actor were spotted on the same day and at the same time in a Los Angeles cinema after watching the 1998 movie Wild Things. Following this revelation, the podcast’s hosts asserted that after sharing this information on social media, someone responded, confirming that they had witnessed the two having dinner together at the Italian restaurant Little Dom’s, a place frequented by celebrities.

Later, photos of them emerged as they were buying flowers at a Los Angeles Farmers Market. Shortly afterward, paparazzi captured him with a mysterious gift: a piece of paper that read ‘Para Jeremy’ (For Jeremy) in Spanish, which is Rosalía’s native language.

Following this, their joint smoking sessions became increasingly frequent, despite her prior statement during her appearance on ‘El Hormiguero’ in 2022 when she claimed not to smoke: ‘Pablo, I don’t smoke… This hummingbird voice couldn’t handle it,’ the singer explained at the time. 

As mentioned earlier, they were seen wearing matching outfits before the 2024 Golden Globe Awards. There was a lot of speculation about whether she would attend the event, but in the end, she didn’t. Additionally, during his acceptance speech after winning the award, the actor didn’t mention the «Tuya» singer, which left many fans disappointed. The recent photos of them kissing do suggest a change in their relationship, but we might still have to wait a bit longer to see them officially together.