Rosalía & Jeremy Allen Spotted Together Once More

According to US Weekly the couple is officially dating

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Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White were at the center of rumors about a potential romance just a month ago after they were seen together in Los Angeles, California. In one of the many photos taken, the Spanish artist was holding a flower while Jeremy had a bouquet of flowers, which led to various speculations on social media. Just recently, on November 30, new images surfaced showing them spending time together. 

The photos of them together in Los Angeles, published by TMZ, have caused quite a stir on social media, and it’s no wonder, as US Weekly has just confirmed that the celebrities are officially dating! 

Cigarettes & Hugs

Both Rosalía and Jeremy are currently enjoying significant success in their respective careers, with the singer gaining recognition for her music and the actor finding fame through the beloved series The Bear. During their recent encounter, they were spotted chatting and smoking in a parking lot. After sharing a cigarette, mirroring White’s character in the Disney+ series that catapulted him to fame, both stars bid farewell with a warm embrace. 

The Hints

Fans have taken particular notice of one detail: how Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White were seen sitting with their legs intertwined. Some fans have wondered whether this gesture could be a sign of a romantic relationship or offer more clues about their emotional connection (they were right). Comments like “Their legs are intertwined” or “Not to make a big deal, but we all know what intertwined legs mean” have been some of the remarks regarding this affectionate detail. 

Furthermore, some of Rosalía’s followers have noticed her smoking habit, despite her previous statement during her visit to ‘El Hormiguero’ in 2022 when she claimed not to smoke: “Pablo, I don’t smoke… This hummingbird voice couldn’t handle it,” the singer explained at that time. 

Since her breakup with Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía has refrained from commenting on her personal life. She told her fans this summer not to ‘create drama,’ referring to the alleged infidelity on Rauw’s part.