Peso Pluma’s Tattoos: A Glimpse Into His History & Meaning

Tattoos, like music, serve as a powerful means of self-expression

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Peso Pluma has become a major figure in today’s music scene, not just in Mexico but worldwide. That’s why he’s not only in high demand as a performer at major festivals like Coachella; his fans are curious to know all about him. 

Artists often express themselves through more than just their music; tattoos are one powerful way they do it. Young Miko is a great example –even before she became a music sensation, she worked as a tattoo artist. She still uses her own body as a canvas to express her tastes and her deep connection to Japanese culture. Likewise, La Doble P has opened up about his tattoos in an interview with GQ Mexico and Latin America. 

First Tattoo 

Peso Pluma’s initial tattoo features the letter ‘P’ inked on his forearm. This letter  holds immense significance for him since everyone involved in the ‘Peso Pluma’ project proudly bears this emblem, and he was the first to get it. It’s noteworthy that Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, the artist’s real name, often speaks of the project not as an individual effort but as a collective effort, demonstrating his humility even in the face of his notable success and fame.

Peso Pluma
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The second tattoo, also on his forearm, bears the same name as his most recent album, Génesis. Despite the album’s triumphant reception, it wasn’t the singer’s debut. To him, this tattoo symbolizes a fresh start and a new chapter in his career. 

Gilbert Flores/Getty Images.

‘Las Morras’ 

Another tattoo that Peso Pluma showcased is the one he got in collaboration with fellow artist Blessd during the filming of their music video for «Las Morras» in Medellín, Colombia. Both artists have identical tattoos in the same location. 


Incomplete Tattoo

On his arm, just below the shoulder, Hassan has a tattoo of a Virgin with a veil. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, he has never been able to complete this tattoo.

@gqmexico Peso Pluma se tatuó una virgen incompleta y explica el porqué 😱 #pesopluma #pesopluma💯👹 #pesoplumaoficial #pesoplumafans #pesopluma💯 @Peso Pluma ♬ sonido original – GQ México y Latinoamérica


Yes, his ‘100’ tattoo is the same as the one you can find in emojis. He got this ink in New York with a group of friends as a way to express ‘keeping it real.’ 

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All Eyez on Peso Pluma

One of the tattoos we’ve probably seen most on the Mexican singer is ‘all eyez on me,’ which pays tribute to one of his favorite artists, 2Pac, and his fourth studio album. However, in addition to its musical significance, Peso Pluma also got it as a form of ‘law of attraction,’ which has undoubtedly come true for him. 

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The Tattoos of Love 

All of these tattoos, except the one on his chest, are on his left arm, and they are the only ones he discusses in the GQ interview, promising to talk about the others soon. However, there are some we do have information about, and they’re related to his current romantic partner, Nicki Nicole. Some suggest that the ‘Felix the Cat’ tattoo on Peso Pluma’s left shin was inspired by his relationship with the Argentine singer since she has a similar one on her right forearm.

Nicki Nicole Instagram.

Additionally, the singer of «La Intención» also inked a black heart, a distinctive emoji he has always used to refer to Nicki on social media. And if that wasn’t enough, he also tattooed both shins in the same style as Nicki has on her legs. 

Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole at Monterrey Concert in November / Meta.


This is one of the easiest to interpret, as one of the symbols that the Mexican has used is a spider. 

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