Has Peso Pluma Gotten a Tattoo for his Current Girlfriend, Nicki Nicole?

The Mexican artist has posted a story that reveals one of the symbols already linked to the current power couple

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It’s no secret that the Mexican corridos tumbados icon Peso Pluma and the Argentine trap star Nicki Nicole are one of the couples 2023. Although it might have been a secret at first, of course!

A few months ago, we saw them very affectionate at Disneyland Paris, and we learned that there could be something more than just a beautiful friendship between them, a theory that has gained more strength with each dedication and public message on social media. It was finally confirmed recently with a kiss at a concert by La Doble P in his beloved Guadalajara (Mexico). A beautiful act that would officially announce their relationship.

Now several rumors on social media surfaced weeks ago about one of Peso Pluma’s tattoos on his left shin: a ‘Felix the Cat’ identical to the one Nicki Nicole has on her right forearm. As if that weren’t enough of a sign, he has recently tattooed a black heart next to it, a very characteristic emoji that the Mexican has always used to refer to Nicki (or «la doble N,» as he calls her) on social media.


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We can also see that the Mexican has tattooed both shins in the same style that Nicki has her legs tattooed. Too many coincidences!

Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole at Monterrey Concert in November / Meta

Undoubtedly, both artists show that they have an increasingly strong relationship and are always together whenever they can be, as we have recently seen in Peso Pluma’s visit to Spain, where both artists have given us emotional performances on stage.

And you, would you also get a tattoo if you were in love?