Are Shakira and Lucien Laviscount Dating? Dinner Date Sparks Rumors

The singer and the actor were spotted at an famous Italian restaurant

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Shakira has been a hot topic lately, especially since she recently released her album Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran after a seven-year break from making albums. Some of the songs on this album are familiar, especially her collaboration with Bizarrap, which was about her ex-partner, Piqué.

Speaking of her ex, Shakira appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show, where she performed one of her new songs «Puntería». During the interview, Fallon asked why it took her so long to come back to music. The singer didn’t hesitate to respond, saying, “It was my husband. Now that I’m single, I feel free to focus on my career.”

But that’s not all. Shakira made even more headlines on March 26th when she performed in New York City’s iconic Times Square in front of over 40,000 people. While her performance of «Puntería» and other songs was impressive, what really caught everyone’s attention was the appearance of Lucien Laviscount, the lead in her music video, with whom there were some rumors of a possible romance.

Lucien Laviscount not only attended Shakira’s pop-up concert but also showed his support through his social media.

Lucien Laviscount Instagram Story.

Is a Romance Brewing?

Let’s not forget that Lucien Laviscount is an actor who gained popularity as an internet heartthrob for his role as Alfie in the second season of Emily in Paris.

After her performance in Times Square, Shakira left and later went out for dinner, but she wasn’t alone —she was with Lucien. Several paparazzi spotted them arriving together to dine at the famous Italian restaurant Carbone. Neither seemed bothered by the cameras, as they appeared smiling and relaxed, which makes us wonder: Could love have transitioned from the music video to real life?