Ozuna on The Global Show

Ozuna: «I Love That Quevedo, Rosalía, and Saiko Are Representing Spain on a Global Level»

The Puerto Rican kicks off the new season of LOS40 Global Show

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LOS40 Global Show begins a new season with an exceptional artist. After dominating the last edition of the Coca-Cola Music Experience, Puerto Rican star Ozuna visited the hit radio’s central studio to talk to our host Tony Aguilar about his latest music projects and confirm some eagerly awaited news: his collaboration with Spanish artist Saiko is getting closer!

Ozuna Drops 'Afro'
Ozuna performs onstage during Mega 96.3’s Calibash 2022 at Crypto.com Arena. Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

Reflecting on The Past Year

«We continue to grow at every stage. It’s been almost a year since my last album, which was OzuTochi (2022), and a few months since Afro (2023). We’re still working on new colors and forms, but always staying true to ourselves.»

‘Afro,’ an EP dedicated to his roots

«Making this EP wasn’t as easy as I thought. Bringing together so many rhythms is a more complex task. We had to incorporate real music, real guitars, real bass… it was a pleasant surprise, and I learned a lot from those seven songs. Additionally, all the visuals were filmed in Puerto Rico.»

His connection with Davido before Eva Longoria

«I met Davido at the World Cup when I went to Qatar. We got along really well, spent some time together at the hotel having a few drinks, and clicked. I sent him the track «Eva Longoria,» and in less than 24 hours, he sent me his vocals; he loved it. We connected so strongly that it’s been the standout track from ‘Afro.'»

Supporting Spanish talent

«Saiko is a very humble and authentic guy. He’s a young artist with the whole world ahead of him, and he’s already had significant success. I love that artists like Quevedo, Rosalía, and him are coming from Spain to represent the country on a global scale. I love supporting people like that. I see that Saiko loves what he does and has a lot of talent.»

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