Best 2023 Music Feuds: Anuel, Karol G, Bad Bunny & More

From Residente to Milo J, we'll tell you about the most epic beefs in the urban genre this year

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The so-called «beef» or «tiraera» is an inherent element of urban music, celebrated since the best times of Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. A lyrical feud where artists take their personal issues to another level, breaking records on charts and creating true tsunamis of impressions and comments.

But, what have been the best feuds of 2023? The list is indeed extensive. From the recent exchange of attacks between Anuel AA and Arcángel that resulted in a Christmas-themed diss track, to all the post-breakup hits gifted to us by Shakira this year, join us to review the clashes of reproach that have exploded in numbers and headlines!

Anuel AA and Arcangel: «I’m not afraid to go to prison»

Let’s start with the latest because the public feud between Arcángel and Anuel AA has reggaeton fans on edge. Apparently, everything exploded when the interpreter of «Infeliz» mentioned in an interview that his relationship with Anuel was not the best, sparking comments from the Puerto Rican on social media. The public argument would initially conclude with «FN8,» the song with over 10 million views that is going viral on TikTok, where Arcángel sends several messages to Anuel, none of which are friendly.

Just after releasing the song, Arcángel explained the reasons for his feud with Anuel. «Especially money. If you say that money doesn’t change people, you’re not making money. We’re talking about a kid who saw almost 40 million dollars when he came out [of prison]. I think that was one of the roots that led him to go crazy, to talk all the crap he talked,» detailed the Puerto Rican in an interview for MoluscoTV.

Of course, the issue would come with more heated posts from Anuel on Instagram, where he basically accuses Arcángel of being a «chota» (a term used for a snitch) and many other things, to which Arcángel has also continued responding through his social media.

Anuel AA (again) vs Karol G & Feid: «He doesn’t understand you like I understand you»

But the viral clash with Arcángel has not been the only controversy Anuel has been involved in this year. A few months ago, attention was drawn to his repeated insistence on seeking the attention of his ex-partner, Karol G, also attacking her current partner, Colombian reggaeton artist Feid.

And not only on social media and interviews; the interpreter of «OA» officially declared his love-hate tirade in «Mejor Que Yo,» whose music video seems to have been removed from platforms.

«Mejor que yo, él nunca va a ser, no

Ni anotando mis truquitos en un papel, yeah

Como yo, nunca te va a hacer el amor, no

Lo que perdiste en mí lo estás buscando en él, eh»Anuel AA

Despite the repeated hints and comments (Anuel even wore a shirt that read «estás con Feid pero sabes que eres mía,» meaning «you’re with Feid, but you know you’re mine»), neither Karol G nor the interpreter of «Classy 101» publicly addressed them.

Karol G & Her «Mi Ex Tenía Razón»

Following what we mentioned about Anuel and his unsuccessful attempts to get Karol G’s attention, the creator of «Mañana Será Bonito» took advantage of the release of the «b-side» of her album («Mañana será Bonito – Bichota Season») to make some things clear to her ex and, by the way, join the popular trend of regional Mexican music. And she did it with one of the hits of the year, «Mi Ex Tenía Razón.»

«Mi ex tenía razón

Dijo que no iba a encontrar uno como él

Y me llegó uno mejor

Que me trata mejor,» sings Karol here.Karol G

Later, some media reported that Anuel had responded to this song during one of his concerts on his recent tour of the United States and Latin America, before singing «Secreto,» one of the collaborations he has with the artist. «Yo sé que tu novio no te trata mejor que yo bebé. ¡Que se escuche en Colombia, que se escuche en Medellín!» shouted the reggaeton artist.

Bad Bunny Taking Shots Entire Scene (Shakira, J Balvin, Karol G…)

Among the many virtues that Bad Bunny possesses is being clear as water, something he conveys in all his songs and for which he has undoubtedly stood out, especially after the release of his latest album, «Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana» (Nobody Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow). In it, he is quite critical of the rest of the urban music scene, and some of his rhymes and mentions allow us to pinpoint some messages with names and surnames in his lyrics.

Firstly, again, towards Karol G. We don’t know if the singer’s overwhelming success has led to more appearances in diss tracks of the genre, but this one is quite clear. In Benito’s track «Vuelve Candy B,» he seems to take a jab at Karol for using the term «bichota,» which has become a personal signature of the artist. The Colombian explained years ago on Nicki Jam’s The Rock Star Show that she had appropriated the Puerto Rican word «bichote» because it was not commonly used to refer to women, making her reclaim the term «bichota.»

In the mentioned track, Bad Bunny dedicates these words to her:

«Ey, vengo de PR, de donde son las verdaderas bichota’

Qué casualidad, los que se hacen más calle siempre salen chota’,”Bad Bunny

These words prompted the artist to respond at the Medellín Mañana Será Bonito Fest, held in her hometown on December 1 and 2. «Entiendo que puede haber bichotas en el mundo, ¡pero de aquí es la verdadera bichota, papi!» declared the diva.

But that’s not all, because Bad Bunny also took the opportunity to make some references to J Balvin and Shakira. To the former, he directed some unexpected words in his collaboration with Eladio Carrión, «Thunder y Lighting.»

«Ustede’ me han visto, siempre ando con los mismos’ / Mientras ustedes son amigos de to’ el mundo como Balvin,» sings the Puerto Rican artist. This left Balvin somewhat taken aback, as he revealed in an Instagram live after the release of Benito’s album. «I don’t understand what goes through his mind. But I know the Bad Bunny I know is a good person. I was very surprised by that, but I wish him the best.»

Bad Bunny also took the opportunity to respond to one of Shakira’s most popular rhymes this year, «Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan.» In «Los Pits,» the artist sings: «Ahora los hombre’ lloran, sí, pero sin dejar de facturar.» A line to which Shakira responded through an Instagram story. «Let’s bill together, then,» suggested the artist.

Shakira & the Art of Turning Pain into Hits

If anyone has known how to transform grief into something much more valuable (as she says herself with Karol G in «TQG,» «making money as a sport»), it has undoubtedly been our Colombian legend, Shakira!

After one of the most challenging years of her life and following her separation from ex-footballer Gerard Piqué, the artist has given us some breakup anthems that should be framed in a hall of fame. From the BZRP Music Session Vol. 53, which covered her in success and awards like the Latin Grammys she recently won with Bizarrap, to the aforementioned «TQG,» «Monotonía,» or «Te Felicito,» are just a few of the most notable examples. This also demonstrates that «tiraeras» don’t have to be exclusively between artists in the genre; there’s something for everyone here!

Residente, the Emperor of Beef

Residente already shook the foundations of the genre with his almost 10-minute beef against J Balvin in the Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 49. Here, the Puerto Rican rapper demonstrated great versatility and wit when it comes to rhyming and attacking ingeniously at the same time.

This year, René surprised us again with his «Bajo y Batería,» a song that also exceeds nine minutes, where, to the rhythm of Tony Royster’s drums and John Benítez’s double bass, he again goes after his enemies in the genre.

Although he mentions Balvin, he focuses especially on responding again to the diss tracks previously launched by rapper Cosculluela («René Renuncia» and «Richie Rich») and clarifies that, in this way, he intends to retire from «tiraeras.» In the song, he also makes references to other artists but without attacking them directly, such as Shakira, Ricky Martin (who also appears in the music video), Anitta, or Juan Luis Guerra.

Milo J, Against Producer Taiu?

After one of the most anticipated announcements of the year, which came after the viral clip of «Bizapop,» Milo J surprised everyone with one of the most talked-about rhymes in his Bzrp Music Session, Vol.57, also part of the EP he released with Bizarrap last October, «En Dormir Sin Madrid.»

«Mi vida está perfecta, pero

Me pusieron de enemigo mis hermanos cuando los que me robaron fueron ellos

Pegué un tema top global y todavía no veo un peso

Vi cómo lloró mamá angustiada por no haberse rescatado del puñal que me clavaron en mis ojo’»Milo J

Everything pointed to this being a reference to the song that led the Argentine rapper to international fame at the age of 16, «Rara Vez.» The hit, which went viral on TikTok and has over 100 million views on YouTube, was produced by Taiu, who numerous media and comments on social networks point to as the sender of Milo’s «tiraera.» In fact, he himself spoke out after the controversy.

«For those who don’t know the music industry from the inside, royalties for songs are paid some time after their release. I am not the one who pays; the economic part depends on the record labels, and there are policies that go beyond us artists,» the producer indicated through his social networks. «Both of us will receive payment for the hit we made together within the established deadlines. I am very sorry that misinformation generates false conclusions, and it hurts me that things that are not true are said,» he concluded.