Why Peso Pluma Changed His Iconic Look: It Has to Do with a Woman

The Mexican artist has been teasing a new hairstyle on social media

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Few things in Peso Pluma’s life seem coincidental. Since his breakup with Nicki Nicole, the Mexican artist barely shares anything about his life that doesn’t relate to his many highly anticipated upcoming musical releases.

This time, the buzz among his fans was sparked by a viral image of ‘la Doble P’ that seems straight out of the 80s. In it, we see Peso Pluma without his signature mullet, characterized by shorter hair at the front, top, and sides, but longer at the back.

But why the change? Hassan (the Mexican’s real name) has had the same style since he started! Well, although the singer mentioned on Jimmy Fallon’s show that he doesn’t particularly like his hairstyle, this change might not just be a personal aesthetic decision but could be linked to a woman.

Peso Pluma during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Todd Owyoung/NBC

Yes, you read that right! A woman. And we’re not referring to his rumored relationship with Anitta. Instead, it’s his professional relationship with Kenia OS. The Mexican diva appeared a few days ago in the tracklist unveiling of Peso Pluma’s upcoming album, Éxodo. They share a very revealing song that might provide more clues about Peso Pluma’s new look: ‘Pamela & Tommy.’

In fact, a few days ago, a photo of Kenia, blonde (her natural hair color is brown), and with curls, reminiscent of the iconic images of Pamela Anderson, to whom the song is dedicated, alongside her tumultuous ex-partner, Tommy Lee, went viral. It seems Peso Pluma might be embodying the controversial Mötley Crüe singer in the forthcoming music video.


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While many users have noted that the viral image of Peso Pluma might be fake and created with AI, the singer has shared several Instagram stories showing his new haircut, using the hype to announce the presave of his new studio album.

The Tumultuous Story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson will go down in history as one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses after her appearance in Baywatch and the cultural impact of her persona. However, the same cannot be said for her now ex-husband, Tommy Lee.

Anderson recounts in her memoir ‘Love, Pamela’ her complicated life story, where she confesses to surviving multiple abuses, including child abuse. She also narrates her complicated story with Lee, whom she says is the only man she ever loved, and who appeared with her in the infamous ‘sex tape,’ the first Hollywood tape to be leaked, stolen from their home.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee during Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Grand Opening Party Hosted by Peter Morton at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. S. Granitz/WireImage

In the book, Pamela also describes the violence she experienced with Lee, in the presence of their two young children, and how this led to their divorce. «Divorcing Tommy was the hardest, lowest, and most difficult point of my life. I was devastated. I still couldn’t believe that the person I loved the most was capable of what happened that night. We were both devastated, but I had to protect my babies,” she writes in the book.

There’s still no further information about the collaboration between Kenia OS and Peso Pluma, which aims to reference in some way the story between Pamela and Tommy. What’s certain is that it’s not an easy task to accomplish.