‘Touching The Sky’ by Rauw Alejandro Gets the #1 on Lista LOS40 USA

Nicki Nicole's "Ojos Verdes" continues to hold strong in the top rankings

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Our top song this week, «Touching The Sky,» signifies Rauw Alejandro’s comeback to the music scene. Before its release, the Puerto Rican artist teased his fans with a creative promotional campaign. In it, Rauw is seen swapping his iconic Playa Saturno sunglasses for a more sophisticated pair, which adds the perfect final touch to his outfit. This change marks a shift from his previous artistic style, signaling the beginning of a new phase in his career.

1. «Touching The Sky» – Rauw Alejandro

The song is accompanied by a music video that tells a love story and captures a moment of ‘love at first sight,’ with Rauw as the main character. It showcases his dancing skills across New York City, moving alongside other dancers to the rhythm of the music. The melody brings back the disco vibes of the 80s and 90s, evoking the era when everyone hit the dance floor to show off their best moves.

2. «Polvo de tu Vida» – J Balvin, Chencho Corleone

Last week’s number one has dropped one spot, but it remains a favorite for ‘bellakear’ and ‘perrear’ throughout the summer, thanks to a collaboration between two big names in reggaeton: J Balvin and Chenco Corleone. Together, they’ve delivered a standout new song in the genre.

3. «LISMAR: BZRP MUSIC SESSIONS VOL. 60» – Bizarrap, Lismar

Bizarrap, instead of reuniting with another international star (as he has already done with ShakiraNatanael Cano, or Young Miko), he bet on a new, young talent with a bright future—a true rap promise: Lismar. She’s a rapper who has already conquered the Dominican urban scene and is ready to take the whole industry by storm.

4. «Ojos Verdes» – Nicki Nicole

While Nicki Nicole doesn’t call out anyone in particular in the song, there might be a nod to the music video for «Por Las Noches,» where she teamed up with ex-boyfriend Peso Pluma, and red roses play a significant role. In that video, ‘La Doble P’ even wears white while holding a red rose, similar to Nicki’s portrayal in «Ojos Verdes.»

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