The Reasons Behind Peso Pluma’s Stage Name

Artistic names can be as intriguing and meaningful as the music itself

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In the world of music, stage names can be as intriguing and meaningful as the music itself. A great example of this is Mexican singer Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija (his real name), better known as Peso Pluma (featherweight). He’s a major figure in regional Mexican music and ‘corridos tumbados,’ with millions of plays on his songs.

Why did Hassan choose Peso Pluma as his stage name? There are two main reasons. First, he admires former boxer Marco Antonio Barrera. During an encounter with Barrera, ‘la Doble P’ felt inspired to use the name on stage. “We were hired for a private event, and during a break, a guy approached us and asked if we knew who he was. It turned out to be Marco Antonio Barrera, and we were like, ‘Wow, this guy is amazing.’ We decided to stick with the name, and that’s how people started to know us,” he explained on Julio Orozco’s podcast.

The Second Reason is Another Nod to Boxing 

When Hassan started his music project, all the members were thin, like featherweight boxers. “There were three of us from the beginning, and we were all skinny, so we had this featherweight boxing theme going on. We liked boxing in some way. I don’t play any sports, but the name stuck,” ‘la Doble P’ explained on Julio Orozco’s podcast.

Additionally, Hassan has made it clear that the name represents his whole team. While he’s the main face, there’s a group of professionals behind him, supporting every project and helping him reach each milestone in his career. The name ‘Peso Pluma’ isn’t just about his love for boxing or honoring those who inspired him; it also represents his team and his music. Through his name, the Mexican artist has created a unique and memorable identity in the music industry.

In Summary

Peso Pluma’s stage name reflects his personality, influences, and dedication to his music and team. As he keeps rising in the music industry, there’s no doubt that this name, which was created to honor those who work with him and his love for boxing, will continue to be linked with successful Mexican music.

Peso Pluma performs at the Coachella Stage during the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at Empire Polo Club on April 12, 2024 in Indio, California. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images.

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