‘No Molestar’ by Reik Gets the #1 on Lista LOS40 USA

This week we have two new entries on our music list

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1. «No Molestar» – Reik

This song by the Mexican band Reik has made it to the number one spot on our list with their track «No Molestar,» a song we could dedicate to someone we love and escape on vacation with. 

2. «Un Desperdicio» – Rels B, Junior H

Last week’s number one has drop one place. Junior H and Rels B teamed to bring us a collaboration that mixes elements of ‘corridos tumbados’ with a more subtle vibe. The lyrics explore love and longing, expressing the desire for a woman who’s no longer with them. They convey the idea that even if they were to forget her one day, they’d still seek her out.

3. «ADIVINO» – Myke Towers, Bad Bunny

«ADIVINO» marks the third collaboration between Towers and Bunny, following «Estamos Arriba» in 2019 and «Puesto Pa’ Guerrial» in 2020. Another intriguing aspect of this song is the possible reference it makes to Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny’s ex.

4. «Ojos Verdes» – Nicki Nicole

While Nicki Nicole doesn’t call out anyone in particular in the song, there might be a nod to the music video for «Por Las Noches,» where she teamed up with ex-boyfriend Peso Pluma, and red roses play a significant role. In that video, ‘La Doble P’ even wears white while holding a red rose, similar to Nicki’s portrayal in «Ojos Verdes.»

5. «Corazón en Coma» – Camila, Edén Muñoz

Camila, a group known for their pop music, has ventured into regional sounds. Their latest release is a song titled «Corazón en Coma,» featuring Edén Muñoz. 

In sixth place, we have Santa Fe Klan teaming up with Nicky Jam for «Una Raya Más». Moving on to seventh place, we find Lasso and the brothers Mau and Ricky with their song «Bilingües«, while in eighth place is the latest session of Bizarrap, Lismar: Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 60. Taking the ninth spot is «Una Vida Pasada» by Camilo and Carín Leon, and rounding off the top 10, we have Belinda and Natanael Cano with their song «300 Noches». 

New Entries in Lista LOS40 USA

«HOLA PERDIDA Remix» – Luck Ra, Maluma, Khea

«Miel» – Manuel Medrano

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