JLo’s Striking Response About Ben Affleck Amid Divorce Rumors

The diva did not hesitate to give a blunt response to the journalist's question

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If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that Jennifer Lopez is all about attitude. The ‘On the Floor’ singer has always shown she has a strong personality and doesn’t hold back when she feels the need to step up. That’s exactly what happened during a press conference on the media tour for her upcoming Netflix film, ‘Atlas.’

Jennifer, who was encouraged to speak Spanish with the press during the conference, gave the floor to one of the journalists present. “Dime, ¿qué te pasa?» (Tell me, what’s going on?) To which he directly asked her about the rumors of a breakup with her partner, actor and director Ben Affleck: “Is your divorce from Ben Affleck real?”

@glamourmx #JenniferLopez es cuestionada por su divorico en su visita a México para el estreno de #Atlas y #SimuLiu la defiende con una gran respuesta. 👏#JLo #AtlasEnMX ♬ sonido original – Glamour México y Latinoamérica

JLo’s only reaction was to laugh and reply briefly: “You know better than that.” However, her co-star Simu Liu was more forceful with his response: “Ok, we’re not doing that. Don’t come here with that energy, please,” he snapped. Furthermore, the actor took advantage of the moment to highlight Jennifer’s best qualities as a producer who fights for diversity in the entertainment industry.

The truth is that neither JLo nor Affleck have commented on the recent divorce rumors, even though their relationship has unfolded almost entirely in the public eye. Despite rumors confirmed by People magazine that they were already living apart, they were recently spotted together in Los Angeles.

We don’t know what the future holds for Jennifer and Ben, but it’s clear that navigating any tough situation in a relationship is no easy task, especially when you’re a Hollywood star.