Is Bad Bunny Teasing a New Album?

Fans speculate with the clues that the artist has been posting

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Bad Bunny’s fans always keep one eye open, as they are fully convinced that their favorite artist is hiding something in most of his releases. If his latest studio album saw the light in October 2023, the Puerto Rican artist would already have his next musical move planned, and he kept it hidden from all of us.

His millions of fans noticed this after the various presentations of «Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana,» where he confronted his alter ego. Benito and Bad Bunny, his two musical personas, had faced off on Saturday Night Live, but everything stayed there, and the feud seemed forgotten by everyone. However, some couldn’t forget it and wondered if this meant we would soon witness another new musical era from the singer.

Bad Bunny in Saturday Night Live – Episode 1846- performs «Un Preview» on October 21, 2023. Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

Time has passed, and the theory of a new studio album by Bad Bunny has taken shape. In fact, a few days ago, the artist deleted all posts from his Instagram account, stopped following everyone, and removed the link to his album from his bio. Furthermore, his new haircut resembles Benito’s, leaving behind the shaved look that characterizes Bad Bunny. And that’s not all. Some have gone even further.

Bad Bunny’s Clues

Several users have noticed the new profile picture of the Puerto Rican artist and have seen the number «15» in his hair. Additionally, in his latest (and only) Instagram post, where he is having breakfast, they see the number displayed on the stairs as well. Is it a crazy theory, or is it the reality of what we will hear soon?

The truth is, there is a post that supports this idea. If we go to Spotify’s Instagram profile and scroll down to October 7, 2023, we see that they shared a photo of what appears to be a tracklist with the hidden titles of 15 songs. Instead, the word «Fuego» in English is repeated. In the bottom right corner, the hashtag #NadieSabe can be read, so there is no doubt that it is related to our protagonist.

«Why are there 15 when 22 came out? Another album? Did he change it?» one user asked. «Another album is coming out 100%,» added another.


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And you, do you think a new studio album by Bad Bunny is on the horizon?

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