Have Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White Broken Up?

Social media is buzzing with speculation about a possible split

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The relationship between Spanish singer Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White has been the subject of speculation and rumors over the past year. It all began in late 2023, shortly after the soloist’s breakup with Rauw Alejandro. Images of the two together on the streets and social media fueled rumors of a possible romance.

Although the couple was seen in public several times, they kept a low profile and did not officially confirm their relationship. However, paparazzi captured moments of affection and complicity between them, including the eagerly awaited kiss. There was even speculation that they would attend the 2024 Met Gala together, but Jeremy Allen White was notably absent from the event.

The last sighting of Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White was on March 11, when they were spotted walking together in a museum. Since then, they have not been photographed in public together. Some media outlets and social media accounts have even gone so far as to confirm the breakup between the singer and the ‘Shameless’ actor. However, it’s important to note that neither of them has commented publicly.

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Their last known interaction seems to have been in May, when Rosalía liked a photo of the announcement of ‘The Bear.’ Since then, the couple has not been seen together in Chicago, where the series is filmed, or anywhere else. This is suspicious, especially considering they were both recently in California at the same time: Jeremy at the beaches of Malibu, and Rosalía taking photos on Sunset Boulevard.

In short, the love story between Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White has been a mystery for both the media and fans. Only time will tell if they find new paths separately or if destiny brings them back together.