Christian Nodal Responds to Infidelity Rumors: ‘It’s been a long time for this to happen’

The Mexican artist felt the need to explain himself following the announcement of his new relationship with Mexican artist Ángela Aguilar

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Social media has been ablaze after the confirmation of the relationship between Mexican singer Ángela Aguilar (daughter of the legendary Pepe Aguilar) and Christian Nodal, who just a few weeks ago announced his separation from Argentine artist Cazzu on social media. They share a daughter named Inti.

«The time has come to share that Julieta (Cazzu’s real name) and I have taken different paths. Our love and mutual respect remain strong, especially in our roles as parents. I am deeply grateful for the moments we shared and will always cherish those memories,» Nodal wrote on his Instagram account on May 23, confirming the end of his two-year relationship with the trap star.

However, on June 10, the singer of ‘La Intuición’ is featured on the cover of the American edition of HOLA! alongside Aguilar, in an exclusive provided by the couple themselves, indicating that both have been waiting for this moment for a long time.


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«It’s not a new relationship; it’s the continuation of a story that life made us pause so we could grow and miss each other. Because when we let go, we returned even closer,» the artists revealed to the magazine, offering a series of photos where they are seen posing together very affectionately.

Nodal’s Explanations

After the exclusive was published, social media exploded with the news, making it a trending topic and showing support for the artist’s previous partners: Cazzu on one hand, and Belinda, who was with the Mexican singer between 2020 and 2022, even getting engaged. However, their relationship ended last year, and the artist recently released ‘Cactus,’ a song full of indirect references to Nodal.

Amid all the criticism, Christian, as he himself indicated, felt the need to explain himself through a video posted on social media to put an end to rumors of alleged infidelity.


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«Many people found out that Ángela and I are in a relationship, and since they almost don’t like gossip, they’re making up stories,» he began. «Julieta (Cazzu) is someone I love and respect for life. We are artists, but we are not shielded from life. Love doesn’t always work out, our time together ended in the best possible way, with a love that gave us the most precious thing we could have created together, which is Inti, my daughter, whom I will always love and always take care of. There were never any third parties in that relationship,» the singer stated.

As he confirmed to HOLA!, the artist reiterated that his relationship with Ángela Aguilar is something they had both been waiting for a long time. «It’s been many years for what is happening to happen, and we’re enjoying it,» he added.