10 Mexican Party Songs You Need in Your Playlist

Mexican Music is sweeping the charts worldwide

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Mexican music has experienced an explosive success worldwide after the rise to fame from prominent figures like Peso Pluma, Carín León, or Fuerza Regida, among others.

The popularization of corridos tumbados has revolutionized the charts inside and outside the United States and want more and more of it. That’s why the diverse subgenres present in the musical richness of regional Mexican can’t be missing from your party playlist.

Peso Pluma performs on the Coachella Stage during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, on April 12, 2024. VALERIE MACON / AFP

To celebrate the release of Peso Pluma and DJ Snake’s ‘Teka,’ a hard-hitting electrocorrido they both performed at Coachella, here are 10 Mexican party songs to have a real fiesta:

Top 10 Mexican Party Songs

1. Alucin — Eugenio Esquivel, Grupo Marca Registrada, Sebastian Esquivel

Eugenio Esquivel and Sebastián Esquivel are revolutionizing Mexican music with their unique style, the electrocorrido, a catchy fusion of traditional regional rhythms and electronic music. The theme of hits like ‘Exceso’ or ‘Bagatelle’ revolves around partying (“la peda”, how it’s called in Mexico), vices, and having fun. Their iconic ‘Alucin’ alongside Marca Registrada has totally exploded in TikTok and can’t be absent from your playlist.

2. AMG — Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros

‘AMG’ has become one of the corridos tumbados that have taken Natanael Cano and Peso Pluma to the top. Their explosive collaboration with Gabito Ballesteros achieved a big success in 2023, debuting at No. 93 on Billboard Hot 100, entering in the Lista LOS40 USA too. “AMG” refers to the car model Mercedes AMG, which represents a metaphor through which the young stars express all they have achieved. “What I dreamt one day, I have bought everything already”, they sing.

3. El Jefe — Shakira, Fuerza Regida

Shakira’s fans freaked out when they watched the Colombian diva singing and dancing to a regional Mexican song. ‘El Jefe,’ featuring Fuerza Regida, isn’t only a captivating hit with hard-hitting melodies, but also a protest. However, its melodies are ideal for a fiesta.

4. De Lunes a Lunes — Manuel Turizo, Grupo Frontera

In your Mexican party playlist you can’t miss a song about drinking to forget, which turns out to be a recurrent theme in the corridos. This vibrant junte from Grupo Frontera, with a style that revolves around the norteño cumbias, and the tropical vibes introduced by Colombian star Manuel Turizo, make ‘De Lunes a Lunes’ an essential song for heating up the environment.

5. El Gordo Trae El Mando — Chino Pacas

‘El Gordo Trae El Mando’ is one of the most catchy Mexican hits that you can listen to. This corrido bélico gets you with its melodic guitar and tololoche rhythms, accompanying the torn voice of Chino Pacas, one of the most prominent figures in the new wave of Mexican Music.

6. Un Shot — Wisin y Gabito Ballesteros

It’s not everyday that you can see a Puerto Rican legend like Wisin in a Mexican fiesta song like ‘UN SHOT.’ Here, the “Rakata” singer trades verses with Gabito Ballesteros, one of the most popular young promises in Mexican Music.

7. TQM — Fuerza Regida

Fuerza Regida has been conquering the charts with their party corridos and ‘TQM’ is a proof of that. The song debuted at the #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of the Mexican anthems of 2023.

8. La Diabla — Xavi

In every playlist it’s necessary to have that song that you can dedicate to your crush and that’s the case of ‘La Diabla,’ by the young Mexican superstar Xavi, who has revolutionized the industry with his corridos románticos. With this release, the Mexican-American singer became the first one to reach the top spot with a solo song on the global Spotify chart.

9. Harley Quinn — Fuerza Regida, Marshmello

‘Harley Quinn,’ the collaboration between Fuerza Regida and the star producer Marshmello, reached the top spot in the Billboard Latin Airplay chart at the beginning of 2024. The song references the character it’s named after and immerses us in a world of vice, partying and lust.

10. EXCESO — Sebastian Esquivel, Blessd, Eugenio Esquivel

‘EXCESO’ by the Esquivel brothers and the Colombian sensation Blessd, is an epic electrocorrido to get on top of your party with an accelerated rhythm that will get your guests jumping.