Rauw Alejandro’s New Video with a Mysterious Girl Wearing a Ring: «Is it Rosalía?»

The Puerto Rican has a thrilling announcement at the end of the video

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We can confirm that Rauw Alejandro has had one of the most challenging years in every possible sense after his widely discussed breakup with Spanish diva Rosalía. Furthermore, the singer has recently canceled his Latin American tour for personal reasons. However, facing difficult times doesn’t mean the artist doesn’t have exciting developments related to his music.

The artist has repeatedly shared different videos of himself dancing to his hard-hitting track «DILUVIO,» which is part of his latest album, Playa Saturno (2023). Then, the singer left us stunned and eager for more after releasing a teaser for the official music video of the song.

A Mysterious Girl, the Star of «Diluvio» Music Video

In the snippet that the Puerto Rican artist shared on his social media, we see Rauw lying on a bed, his gaze fixed on someone in the room. As the camera zooms out, the silhouette of a woman with long black hair appears, a sight that sparked reactions from many of his fans. What piqued their curiosity was a particular detail: she’s wearing a ring on the ring finger of her right hand, where engagement rings are typically worn. Consequently, a multitude of comments started pouring in, with fans speculating about her identity, each one secretly hoping she might be someone special… In fact, some users went as far as to afirm it was his ex-fiancée, Rosalía herself. 

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This Tuesday, on November 7th, Rauw Alejandro unveiled the official music video for «Diluvio.» The song, which explores a relationship filled with chemistry, now has its very own visual story. The Puerto Rican takes us directly into a room during a stormy day. However, he’s not alone; the mysterious woman takes the role of his partner in the video. These indoor scenes seamlessly blend with others where Rauw is seen riding a flying motorcycle, symbolically extending the Saturno concept into the video.

Although we have yet to discover the woman’s identity, the music video delivered an especially thrilling announcement: The singer has revealed that he will take the stage on December 15th at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. This event signifies the grand culmination of this era. Rauw Alejandro fittingly dubs it ‘The Ultimate Party: “This is no ordinary nightclub; it will be the most magnificent nightclub the world has ever witnessed.”’

Rauw Alejandro’s Reaction to the Alleged Romance between Rosalía & Jeremy Allen White

We know that Rauw is straightforward, even through social media. When the photos of his ex, Rosalía, with the actor from «Shameless» and «The Bear,» Jeremy Allen White, emerged last week, the Puerto Rican artist left a revealing video on his TikTok. It’s a crucial excerpt from one of his hits, «Tiroteo Remix,» in collaboration with Spanish artists Marc Seguí and Pol Granch. In the clip, we can see Rauw making a displeased expression while the following lyrics play in the background: «You told me you’re leaving… that you’re searching for something more…».

@rauwalejandro♬ Tiroteo Remix speed up song – busy

Is it an indirect message or just a coincidence? We don’t know, but in the entertainment industry, we understand that there are few coincidences…