Olivia Rodrigo Presents 'GUTS'

Olivia Rodrigo Releases ‘GUTS’: Upcoming Tour, 2023 VMAs Performance & More

The "vampire" interpreter has also been confirmed to perform at the 2023 VMAS

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The big day has finally come: Olivia Rodrigo’s long-awaited second album, GUTS is here! And precisely its name describes the main theme of this brilliant studio work. The interpreter of “good 4 u” narrates here some of her most intimate feelings, delving into a wide range of complex issues, including love toxicity, disillusionment, apathy, growing with insecurities, destructive beauty standards and fame, among others. 

The singer is one of the main voices of Z-Generation in the industry thanks to her excellent capability of turning into songs many complicated moments that young people usually go through, from tumultuous breakups to a harsh self-perception. In GUTS, we assist to the incredible evolution of Rodrigo as a singer and songwriter, and her ability when it comes to describing her feelings and experiences entering into adult life. 

“I think writing the first album was so spontaneous when I was 17 years old learning to write songs, like pouring my heart out, I had so much to say. This time I was in a different place, and I was having a lot of pressure with all the expectations placed on me and I had to block out the noise and just focus on the craft of songwriting. I wasn’t going through my first 17 year old heartbreak. It sort of forced me to be more creative”, Olivia reveals to Zane Lowe in an Apple Music interview

The record alternates diverse music styles, including pop, rock, R&B, a little of urban and a little of punk, showing the great versatility that the artist possesses. Each track is a whole story that explores Rodrigo’s inner world, with the unique talent of her composition partner, the songwriter Dan Nigro. It opens with the uplifting pop punk “all-american bitch,” that represents a real declaration of intentions. “It’s one of my favorite songs I have ever written. It expresses something I have been trying to express since I was 15, all the repressed feelings,” the artist has confessed. GUTS also brings many hits like its iconic previews “vampire” and “bad idea, right?.” In the former, she disses a toxic relationship and sings about how destructive it has been for her, showcasing incredible vocals. In the latter, Olivia asks herself if it’s a bad idea to see her ex again. “Yes, I know that he’s my ex, but can’t two people reconnect?,» she sings.

Olivia Rodrigo Unveils More Details of 'GUTS'
Olivia Rodrigo presents GUTS / Larissa Hofman

Moreover, her sophomore studio work also includes hot drops like “lacy,” which explores the contradictions of attraction, “the grudge,” a track that’s similar to the iconic “drivers license”, and describes the trauma and the feelings of not understanding the hurtful things that somebody you loved did, the heartbreaking “homeschooled girl,” a pop-rock catchy song that narrates the insecurities of being a teenage girl, the nostalgic “making the bed,” where she delves into less nice side of fame, and vibrant “get him back!,” where Rodrigo talks about wanting someone that’s not good for you. 

A combination of multiple life phases that get combined in this jaw-dropping launch. “When you are making the album you can’t see the forest through the trees a little bit about or what you’re trying to get across becoming a young adult and figure out your place in this world, who you wanna be and who you wanna hang out with and all of that stuff that’s probably an experience that everyone has had in their lives before rising from that disillusionment”, she has added.

World Tour Announcement

After this huge drop, many fans are wondering if Rodrigo is going on tour to share GUTS with her audience. Even though the artist didn’t made an official announce yet, she has already dropped some clear hints about this. In «making the bed» lyric video we can see what appears to be a concert ticket. Here, it can be read «Olivia Rodrigo presents GUTS World Tour» in Palm Springs, CA. USA. Moreover, she has revealed in the Apple Music interview that she composed this album «with the tour in mind,» what appears to be a confirmation of this possibility, that seems to be closer than we think.

What’s 100% sure is that we’ll see Olivia performing GUTS for the first time in the upcoming 2023 VMAS, wich will take place next week, on Tuesday, September 12. She is one of the artist with more nominations, vying for 6 coveted prizes for «vampire» in Video of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

GUTS Tracklist

Here’s the complete tracklist for GUTS:

  1. all-american bitch
  2. bad idea right?
  3. vampire
  4. lacy
  5. ballad of a homeschooled girl
  6. making the bed 
  7. logical 
  8. love is embarrasing 
  9. the grudge 
  10. pretty isn’t pretty
  11. teenage dream 

You can already listen to GUTS on all platforms!