María Becerra Exposes Career Sabotage Attempt by Fellow Artist

Someone tried to get her removed from the lineup of a music festival

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María Becerra has become one of the most sought-after artists in the music industry. The Argentine singer has consistently delivered chart-topping hits, from «Corazón Vacío» to «El Amor de Mi Vida» and «Automático.» Her latest achievement? A collaboration with Enrique Iglesias in the song «Así es la vida.» 

However, success often comes with envy, and it seems María has not been immune to it. During an interview on the Argentine program ‘Soñé que volaba,’ she shared an unsettling incident involving another artist (whose identity she chose not to reveal). This artist attempted to have her removed from a music festival lineup, stating, “If you want my artist to perform at the festival, you need to remove María Becerra from the lineup, or my artist won’t participate.” María recounted this experience during the interview. 

She mentioned, “I’ve faced similar situations multiple times,” surprising the host. However, María assured her fans that she plans to address this negativity constructively by releasing a song addressing the situation.I intend to release a song that directly addresses this person and the issue,” she confirmed. And rightfully so! When asked about the identity of the artist, María chose to keep it undisclosed. “But the song will serve as an initial message. If the situation persists, I’ll reveal more,” she concluded. 

We will have to wait to hear the song María has made in response to this incident for further insights. Nonetheless, speculations abound among María’s fanbase, with some suggesting that she collaborate with Bizarrap to share the whole story. 

«Piscina» (Swimming Pool)

Furthermore, on November 8th, Becerra is set to release «Piscina.» This new song is well-timed for the Argentine summer and had its debut at the LOS40 Music Awards Santander 2023. It features Chencho Corleone and is produced by Ovy On The Drums, a highly sought-after music producer in the industry. While «Piscina» may not be directly linked to the festival lineup incident, fans can still anticipate María’s signature captivating music. She has a remarkable talent for making hit songs that resonate with her audience.  

Read the article in Spanish by Alberto Palao for LOS40.