Drake Explains New Album Delay Amidst Controversial Discussion with Halle Berry

Drake Explains New Album Delay Amidst Controversial Discussion with Halle Berry

"For all the dogs," originally scheduled for September 22, will now be released on October 6

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Two weeks of delay have caused one of the latest earthquakes in the foundations of the American music industry. Because this coming Friday, September 22, Drake’s fans were going to be able to enjoy the new release from their idol. An album that, as we say, had to delay its release by 15 days in a surprising move by the performer.

Through his social media, the artist tried to explain the reason why he had decided to postpone everything for a couple of weeks: «Alright, the dilemma I’m facing is canceling the shows to finish the album or completing the mission and releasing the album before the last show. I owe you all these memories we’re building, and wherever we missed until now, for sure.»

Drake thus made it clear on his Instagram stories that he had chosen to continue with the It’s All a Blue Tour, where he was having magical moments with his audience, rather than embarking on his new musical project, which will probably mark a new phase in his music career. He also ensured that the end of his tour would coincide with the album’s release in Toronto.

«For all the dogs, October 6th. It’s the right thing to do…» the Canadian soloist concluded, confirming his decision to his legion of followers. A public that took the news in various ways because many began to relate this news to another one that was circulating on social media.

Just a few hours earlier, Halle Berry had also cryptically expressed her displeasure about something on her official Instagram profiles: «Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy… even if you’re a woman!»

The public didn’t take long to connect that message to the photo in which Drake and SZA had recently promoted their collaboration. Just in case there was any doubt, the actress responded to people’s comments, saying, «He didn’t get my permission. That’s not right. I thought he was better than that! Hence my post today. When people you admire disappoint you, you have to be a bigger person and move on!»


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«I Said NO»

With Halle Berry’s anger and disappointment more than evident, many believe that Drake has chosen to postpone his new album for a few days to try to avoid the increasing controversy that this situation is generating. This is despite some users attempting to inject some logic into this confusion: «Although I understand your side, that photo is owned by Getty Images. So I’m sure he got permission. And he paid the fee. Why are you angry?»

«Cuz he asked me and i said NO that’s why. Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do! That was the f*uck you to me. Not cool You get it? ❤️,» Berry responds firmly, putting an end to any possible discussion.

Amidst all this controversy, the singer continues with the image of Halle covered in slime posted on his Instagram feed, but with comments disabled.