Bad Bunny in 'Cassandro'

Bad Bunny & Gael García Bernal in ‘Cassandro’, the Biopic of the First Openly Gay Wrestler

Watch the first official trailer of the upcoming Prime Video movie

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Not only does music and trap beats run through his veins. In the past year, we’ve seen Bad Bunny try his luck in the world of wrestling with WWE, but also in acting, with a brief cameo in «Bullet Train,» a film directed by David Leitch and starring Brad Pitt. Perhaps for this reason, Benito has been drawn to the idea of combining these two newfound passions and participating in the new Prime Video movie based on the true story of the first LGBTQ+ wrestler in the history of this sport.

And while we learned about the role he would play through a leak in January, it’s been this week that we’ve finally been able to see him in action alongside Gael García Bernal, the film’s lead, in the first official trailer of «Cassandro.» The movie follows the life of Saúl Armendáriz, a young man from El Paso, Texas, who dreams of becoming a professional wrestler after his father instills in him a love for the sport. In the process, he transforms into Cassandro ‘The Exotic,’ a wrestler who competes dressed in some outfits inspired by drag aesthetics, while performing movements associated with voguing.

Among all of Bad Bunny’s appearances in the film, we witness his first encounter with Gael. «Are you a wrestler?» he asks. «Yes,» the Mexican responds. In another interaction, we see the two of them dancing together. It’s at this point that Bad Bunny emerges as one of the love interests of the main character.

Roberta Colindrez, Perla de la Rosa, Joaquín Cosío, and Raúl Castillo complete the cast of this biopic that delves into homosexuality within the realm of sports, in this case, a discipline deeply rooted in certain stereotypes.

About «Cassandro»

«Saul Armendáriz reaches worldwide stardom after creating the character Cassandro, the ‘Liberace of professional wrestling.’ In the process, he drastically changes the macho world of wrestling and also his own life,» reads its synopsis. The film traces the journey of a Mexican man who wants to dedicate his life to professional wrestling from the age of 16, when he moves to the United States and faces homophobic attacks.

Years later, upon returning to Mexico, he tries to pursue his passion with the goal of winning the love and respect of the audience, regardless of his sexual orientation. However, he must confront and overcome several instances of intolerance and discrimination. Despite everything, Cassandro wins the Universal Wrestling Association Light Heavyweight Championship in 1992.

«Cassandro» will be available on Prime Video on September 22.