Will Shakira Continue to Write Songs About Piqué? Her Confession

Additionally, the singer shares her children's opinions on her songs

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If we had to point out the most talked-about breakup of the last years, it might just be Shakira and Piqué’s split. Besides sparking numerous intriguing rumors, their separation has also produced several songs that have become huge hits worldwide. Tracks like «Te Felicito,» «Monotonía,» «TQG,» and her Bizarrap Music Session have played significant roles in this highly publicized story.

The lyrics of these songs clearly reflect that Shakira went through a rough patch during the later years of their relationship, and she wasn’t happy with how things ended with the footballer. Through her music, we’ve come to understand some of the reasons behind their breakup, but more importantly, it reveals the depth of Shakira’s hurt following the events.


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This Friday, March 22nd, the Colombian artist will unveil her latest album, marking her first release in the past seven years. Titled Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), the album’s name references one of her most famous lines from a collab with Bizarrap. It perfectly encapsulates the artist’s journey of healing her heart after a highly publicized breakup.

While some tracks have been previously released, there are also new ones making their debut on March 22nd. One such track is «Última» (Last One), which has sparked considerable interest among her fans. Despite its seemingly simple title, Shakira revealed in a recent interview with The Times that it holds special significance within the album’s narrative.

‘The Last Song’

This song is a piano ballad that reflects all the regrets following a romantic breakup… we can guess who it might be about, right? In uncertainty, the journalist conducting the interview asked if this one was also about her ex, to which she replied: “About Voldemort? The one who must not be named? I hope this is the last song I write about this, and about him.”

Moreover, Shakira revealed that during the creative process, when she played the song for one of the heads of her team, he started crying, which was surprising because she had never seen a man cry in her studio before. 

What Do Shakira’s Kids Think About Her Songs?

You’ve probably seen people online more focused on Piqué and Shakira’s kids than enjoying the great tunes the artist has given us over the years, all because of her heartbreak. The Colombian has spoken up about this and revealed that Milan and Sasha aren’t as affected as people think. “They understand that dealing with pain is part of life, and everyone handles it differently,” she says.

Sasha Piqué, Shakira, and Milan Piqué attend the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2023. Mike Coppola/Getty Images.

Interestingly, Milan seems to be showing his creative side too – during his parents’ split, he even wrote two songs. Seems like Shakira isn’t the only one telling their story through music. However, we’ll still have to wait until Friday the 22nd to listen to Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran and thus discover certain secrets about this love story that haven’t been revealed yet.