Urban Spanish-English Dictionary to Understand Reggaeton: Bellakeo, Perreo & More

A quick guide to appreciate lyrics like Bad Bunny's, Karol G's, Rauw Alejandro's, and more

ASurely, on more than one occasion, you’ve listened to reggaeton songs from Puerto Rican urban scene artists such as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Rauw Alejandro, Wisin y Yandel, Myke Towers, Eladio Carrión, Cosculluela, Young Miko, or Farruko, among many others, and there are things in the lyrics that you haven’t quite grasped, such as terms like ‘chingar,’ ‘tiraera,’ ‘bichota,’ or ‘bellaquera,’ among others.

The thing is that each Spanish-speaking country has its own dictionary that makes it different. In Puerto Rico, they use a language, especially on the streets, that people in other Hispanic cultures don’t always fully understand and that is often present in this urban scene. But now, thanks to Residente, another Puerto Rican who handles the language like few others, we’re going to catch on to everything because he has compiled a list for us not to miss out.

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Residente performs on stage during ‘Residente US Tour’ at The Fillmore Philadelphia on September 21, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

«We have our own dictionary, the street is our alphabet,» says Residente in «Jerga platanera,» one of his new songs on his latest album, «Las Letras Ya No Importan» (Lyrics Don’t Matter Anymore).

Additionally, from LOS40 USA, we wanted to contribute to creating our own urban dictionary of reggaeton with terms from different countries in Latin America. So, we’ve taken the liberty of adding some words repeated by our urban superstars.


A CAPELA: [verb] To have sex without a condom.

(IRSE) ALGARETE: [verb] In reggaeton lyrics, it means to go crazy as hell.

AGUA: [noun] To run and hide the drugs when the police comes.

ARRANCA’O: [noun/adj] Someone with no money.

ARREBATARSE / ESTAR ARREBATAO: [verb] To get crazy or excited.


BACALAO: [noun/adj] Someone without talent.

BAJAR HASTA EL SUELO: [verb] To make the popular reggaeton dance known as perrear.

BAJO: [noun/adj] Bad odor.

BELLAQUERA / BELLAKEO: [noun] Excess of sexual arousal, lust.

BEBECITA: [noun] It’s a way to say ‘baby.’ The term regained popularity when Anuel AA gave his (now ex) girlfriend Karol G this nickname on social media.

@facu_lyricsss 😍👹. || #facu_lyricsss #facu_trpx #anuel #anuelaa #realhastalamuerte #fyp #parati #capcut #viral #karolg ♬ sonido original – 𝖋𝖆𝖈𝖚𝖚 †

BELLACO / A: [noun/adj] In its strict definition, the word refers to someone bad, mischievous, or rascal; however, in some countries like Puerto Rico, it has a more sexy connotation. It’s also used to describe someone who is se*ually aroused.

BICHO: [noun/adj] In many Latin American countries, «bicho» is another word for insect, but in reggaeton lyrics, it refers to «penis.»

BICHOTE: [noun/adj] Neighborhood boss who enforces discipline.

BICHOTA: [noun/adj] Popularized by Karol G, a powerfull woman.

BICHOTITO: [noun/adj] Somebody who only controls the corner.

BOCHINCHERO: [noun/adj] Somebody who tells everything to the neighbors.

BUFEAR: [verb] To make fun of someone.

BANCAR: [verb] To support someone.


CALLEJERO/A: [noun/adj] Related to street life, often used to describe a strong or authentic attitude.

CARIPEA’O: [noun/adj] A cheeky person.

CANGRI: [noun/adj] Represents a person who is a champion, the best or even important.

CHAVOS: [noun] Another term used for ‘money.’ In Mexico, it is also a way to refer to young people.

COMBI COMPLETA: [noun] Used to describe a person who has the «whole package.»

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CONTAR TORTA: [verb] To count money.

CORILLO: [noun/adj] This term is used to refer to a group of friends. In other words, your ‘crew,’ your ‘squad.’

CHARRO: [noun/adj] To be ridiculous.

CHINGAR: [verb] To have sex / to bother someone.

CHOTA: [noun/adj] Someone who accuses.

CHULO/A: [noun/adj] Someone very boastful, arrogant, or self-assured.

COGER CUERDA: [verb] To get angry.

COTIZÁ: [noun/adj] A proud woman.

COSOS: [noun] Kilos of cocaine.


DAR BANDA: [verb] To leave somebody alone.

DARLE DURO: [verb] To work hard or putting effort into something.

DESMAYA’O: [noun/adj] To be very hungry

DESACATÁ: [noun/adj] When a woman dances and stands out.

DURA: [noun/adj] It’s literal translation means “hard,” but in urban lyrics it’s used to describe a woman who looks really good.

DOTA’O: [noun/adj] Crazy.


ESTAR PUESTO PA’ (ALGUIEN): [Id. Expression] To be willing to support someone / to be committed to someone

ESTAR EN OLLA: [Id. Expression] To have no money.

ENVOLVER: [verb] Emotionally catching feelings for someone.


FEQUERO: [verb] Liar.

FLOW: [noun] Having «flow» means having style, following the rhythm, and letting yourself be carried away by the music.


GUAYO: [noun] Zion and Lennox told Billboard that ‘guayo’ is another word for ‘perreo,’ which means dancing in a dirty way.

GÜERO: [noun/adj] Is Mexican slang for a person with pale skin or blonde hair, and is often used to denote the complete opposite.

GUCCI: [noun/adj] In trap music, well-known luxury brands are often mentioned to emphasize the meaning of lyrics. In this case, saying ‘everything is Gucci’ is a way of saying everything is ‘very good.’

GUAGUAGUÁ: [noun/adj] A woman from the neighborhood.


HUEVO: [noun] Penis.

HANGUEAR: [verb] To hang out.

HIJOEPUT*: [noun] Literally, son of a b*tch.


LA PELÍCULA / LA MOVIE: [noun] Someone who creates a fantasy about their life.

LIGAR: [verb] To get someone’s romantic interest, flirting.

LO MUEVE/MOVERLO: [verb] To move it (generally referred to the butt while dancing).


MAMABICHO: [noun/adj] Insult.

MÁMAME EL BICHO: [verb] F*ck off.

MAMA’O: [noun/adj] Insult.

MAMI: [noun] Affectionate way of addressing an attractive woman.

MATAR EL TIEMPO: [verb] To do something to pass the time without a specific purpose.

MERA: [verb] Simply put, is another way of saying ‘mira,’ basically another way of saying ‘look.’


MANUELA: [noun] Masturbation.

MODODIABLO: [noun] To feel excited or to do something in a very exciting way.’ This expression was popularized by Duki, the famous Argentine trap artist, and is used when someone has a lot of energy or a desire to do something.


NALGA(S): [noun] buttocks.


ÑAME: [noun/adj] Something that comes easy, almost without effort.


PAPI: [noun] Affectionate way of addressing an attractive man.

PARCHAR: [noun] A Colombian word used to describe a group of friends who gather to do something.

PARTY DE MARQUESINA: [noun] A party in the garage.

PERREAR: [verb] ‘Perreo’ is the term used to describe the popular dance style in reggaeton.

PEGARSE: [verb] To get closer to someone (generally while dancing)

PERREAR: [verb] The typical reggaeton dance that consist of getting very close and repetitive pelvic dances.


PICHAR: [verb] Ignoring someone.

PILLAR: [verb] To caught someone in action.

PIQUETE: Having a lot of style, a lot of flow.

POPI: [noun/adj] A refined woman.

PONERSE AL TIRO: [verb] Being alert or ready, often aggressively.

PONERSE LAS PILAS: [verb] Getting into action or putting in more effort.

PUÑETA: [noun] A shout when you’re upset.


¿QUÉ LO QUÉ?: [Id. Expression] Hello.


RATA: [noun/adj] A plainclothes police officer who becomes friendly.


SER DE CORA: [noun/adj] Be genuine, a humble and good person.

SKERE: [Id. Expression] Used to end a sentence where we say something is good.


TENER BARBILLA: [Id. Expression] To be brave.

TIRAERA: [noun] A feud between artists, generally expressed through beef songs.

TIRAR ONDA: [verb] To flirt.

TIRAR LA TELA: [verb] To dress well.

TIRARSE (A ALGUIEN): [verb] To have sex with someone.

TUSI: [noun] A drug known as «the pink cocaine.»

TENER CUARTOS: [verb] To have money.


VALOR: [noun] Anger.

VAINA: [noun] Used to refer to a situation or thing, similar to ‘thing’ or ‘matter.’

Did you already know how many of them?

Words we now add to our vocabulary that will help us understand each other better