Ricky Martin: «You Can’t Say No to Madonna»

The superstar arrives at LOS40 Global Show to talk about his upcoming projects

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Ricky Martin is back and has dropped by LOS40 Global Show to share some exciting news with fans about the next era of his discography.

In this interview with Tony Aguilar, the Latin superstar talked about his surprise cameo at Madonna’s concert, but he also shared details about the music he’s working on. Don’t miss the full interview!

His Upcoming Music

«I’m going to release something interesting. It’s a collaboration with someone everyone knows, but no one expects. It’s part of the musical production of the partner I’m working with, but it has a very ‘me’ sound. I’m in love with this song that’s coming out […] After touring Spain, I’m heading to Turkey and, before filming a movie, I want to get into the studio and make music. I look for any excuse to be on stage. God willing, we’ll have new material by the end of the year. I’m not one to release music every year, but when I do, I want it to be beautiful and impactful.»

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The Wild Moment with Madonna

«I was told it was going to be a little wild and crazy, but I didn’t expect it to be that intense. I forgot I was with Madonna; anything can happen. We are friends because I collaborated with her on a song and we’ve always kept in touch. She has always had an impact on my life in many ways. I really admire her chameleon-like ability to change, to reinvent herself. She has influenced many generations. I can’t say no to her.»

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Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias

«We did three legs of The Trilogy Tour because the audience demanded more. We rocked the United States and Canada. It was one of the best-selling tours. When you are genuine, sincere, and transparent, the audience perceives it. We are three matadors entering the ring, but we also have very different styles. The audience sat for three hours to enjoy a very diverse show. We have street smarts and know how to seduce the audience. We’re also competitive, seeing who could get the most applause. It’s healthy. The three of us get along very well.»

Being an Actor

«It’s a shot of adrenaline that stimulates me a lot after so many years in front of the cameras. I’ve always been a frustrated actor. Music took up so much of my time that it didn’t leave room, but now I’m balancing it, and the reviews for Palm Royale have been wonderful. I’m still growing and learning. I go in calmly, with a pen and paper, taking notes from all the greats I’ve had the chance to work with. That’s what’s happening with a series like Palm Royale.»

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