Myke Towers’ Big Announcement After Collaborating with Bad Bunny: ‘You Can’t Be Humble in Music’

The Puerto Rican has revealed to LOS40 that he will release his upcoming studio album, 'La Pantera Negra,' in 2024

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Myke Towers has returned to LOS40 Global Show to present his new tour, ‘Vive La Tuya… No La Mía Tour‘. The Puerto Rican singer, popularly known for hits like ‘La Falda’ and ‘LALA,’ spoke with our host Tony Aguilar about these concerts and the latest updates in his discography. Don’t miss the interview!

Myke Towers’ Tour in 2024

Towers is currently touring several countries in Europe. «I’m coming with the same energy as day one. I have to give a hundred percent because there are places I’ve never been, and that’s how you win over fans. They can listen to you, but when they see you live, they have to feel that sensation. That’s what I’m aiming for right now.»

Reflecting on his success

«There have been many steps, a lot of work that was done a while ago. But seeing what happened at the WiZink Center (Madrid, Spain), you realize that everything was worth it. As an artist, you grow, but you have to keep that focus. I felt a lot of emotions at the WiZink, but you have to take it calmly so the show can go on.»

Being Humble in Music

The ‘LALA’ singer has recently collaborated with his friend and professional colleague, Bad Bunny, in ‘ADIVINO.’ However, if there is one thing that stands out about Towers’ work in the industry, it’s also his emphasis on highlighting the work of emerging artists. But according to him, it’s not a matter of humility. «I don’t do collaborations out of humility. In music, you can’t be too humble because it gets misunderstood. In music, I always try to share what I like, whether it’s from a big or small artist. That’s just how I am.»

Upcoming Album

«This year, with God’s favor, my new album will be released. It’s called ‘La pantera negra’. People are thirsty for music.»

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