Is Rosalía Angry with Karol G?: What Happened?

The Catalan singer posted a very revealing photo after her fans accused the Colombian artist of "plagiarism"

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It seems that diva feuds are timeless in the music industry. Mariah Carey and JLo, Madonna and Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj… and the list goes on! As if the rumors of a possible beef with Shakira after their collaboration ‘TQG’ weren’t enough for Karol G, it now appears she has a new conflict with Rosalía.

This all stems from her latest song, ‘Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido,’ a love merengue that the Colombian singer recorded in the Dominican Republic and claims is poised to be the new summer hit. However, fans of the ‘SAOKO’ singer have taken to social media, accusing Carolina of possibly plagiarizing ‘DESPECHÁ.’

The truth is that both singles share similarities, though Rosalía’s song leans more towards mambo and celebrates the opposite sentiment, a supposed breakup.

Of course, Karol G’s fans and other social media users have also been quick to defend the Mañana Será Bonito singer. Their main arguments revolve around the fact that Rosalía «didn’t invent merengue» and that Karol, as a Latin artist, draws from the rhythms that are native to both songs.

Rosalía: Sending a Subtle Dig at Karol?

As if the debate wasn’t heated enough, Rosalía’s latest post has only fueled rumors of a rivalry between the two artists. The Catalan singer shared a carousel-style series of images, with several spontaneous snapshots of her daily life. What caught the most attention was an image showing a rude gesture with ‘Despechá’ playing in the background.


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Many users interpreted these images as a clear reference to Karol G’s new song, though it’s uncommon for Rosalía to comment on any controversy surrounding her.

It’s not the first time the Colombian artist has been accused of following in the Catalan’s footsteps, as this ‘hate’ has emerged multiple times before. For instance, when Karol released her ‘BICHOTA SEASON’ album, which featured artwork similar to Rosalía’s ‘Motomami.’ The same happened with the similarities between her song ‘OKI DOKI’ and Rosalía’s style, and the fact that Karol recently collaborated with the Barça soccer team, just like Rosalía did.

One thing is certain: diva rivalries never stop. What do you think?