LOS40 USA Presents The ‘Latin Queens’ Playlist

Celebrate March 8th by getting inspired by the lyrics of these women, the creators of all these musical successes.

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This March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated, and if there’s one thing we are very clear about in the LOS40 family, it’s that we are surrounded by female role models who have left a mark (and continue to do so) in the music industry. Although there is still work to be done, we see their presence growing stronger in international charts, and their lyrics have inspired new generations to pursue their dreams.

The same happens in the Latin Music industry. It’s no longer a surprise to find Karol G selling out stadium tours all over the world on several occasions or thousands of people waiting for hours to enjoy the front-row show of Rosalía. But they are just examples, as the genre sounds more and more like Girl Power.

At LOS40 and LOS40 Urban we have created the Latin Queens playlist based on the global hits of the female music icons who have made us dance, cry, jump, and sing along. They come from Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Colombia, and more, and their talent is reaching farther and farther.

There are 80 hits performed by 80 artists in the playlist. It features 28 Spanish-speaking artists and groups, as well as 13 Mexican singers, a dozen from Argentina, and voices from other countries such as Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the USA, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, or Ecuador. In short, this is the perfect playlist to celebrate this March 8th with the urban sounds you love. So, hit play and enjoy!

Rosalia represents a young generation of Spanish-speaking female performers breaking barriers in the industry. Ricardo Rubio/Europa Press via Getty Images

And surely, at some point, you’ve given it your all with Emilia and Tini’s ‘La_Original.mp3’ or Anitta’s ‘Mil Veces.’ And you’ve probably also thought about the person you would dedicate Belinda’s ‘Cactus’ or Tini’s ‘Cupido’ to. Well, each and every one of them is part of this musical list that you won’t be able to detach yourself from on this special day (although it’s suitable for listening at any time of the year).

And you, is the hit that you can’t get out of your head on this list?