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How Did Duki Come Up with His Artistic Name?

The Argentinian is one of the leading voices in international trap music

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Duki has undeniably become one of the leading voices in international trap music. In fact, many consider him the unquestionable leader of this genre, also earning the title of pioneer. However, the Argentine has put these sounds on the map and shown that his passion for music knows no bounds. 

His authenticity and approachability towards his supporters are some of the characteristics that have most endeared him to his fans. Whenever trap fans encounter him and approach him calmly and naturally, Duki readily engages in pleasant conversations with them. This helps forge an unbreakable bond with a rapidly expanding fan base. 


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How Did Duki Get His Name? 

Well, Duki’s real name is actually Mauro. Many people wonder how he ended up with the stage name ‘Duki,’ since it’s quite different from his given name. According to several sources, back in 2011, a friend of his came up with the idea. There was a viral video from an Argentine YouTuber who created a song that went ‘pato (duck), pato, duki, duki.’ When the artist’s friend heard it, they decided to nickname him ‘Duki’ based on that phrase. 

Since then, Duki’s name has traveled the world and has been featured on the posters of several major concerts at some of the biggest venues worldwide. Songs like «No Vendo Trap,» «Goteo,» «She Don’t Give A FO,» «Givenchy,» «Top 5,» and «Como Si No Importara» have been part of his setlist and have become anthems for millions of people globally.

The Story of Duki
Duki performs at WiZink Center on February 24, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. Javier Bragado/Getty Images.

But behind the name of an artist whose music transcends borders and limitations is Mauro, who has shown to stay grounded and never forget where he comes from. For many, Duki is regarded as one of the humblest figures in the music scene. What about you? Do you also include him in your playlist of favorite songs?