Fedez Introduces New Girlfriend Amid Violent Fight Scandal: Ex Chiara Ferragni’s Reaction

The rapper remains in the spotlight

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The Italian rapper Fedez has gained international recognition not just for his music career, but more so for his relationship with blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni.

Federico (the artist’s real name) and Chiara decided to take a break in their relationship in mid-February 2024 due to numerous issues the couple has faced in recent months, ranging from the rapper’s health problems to the blogger’s legal issues (remember the Pandoro scandal, where Ferragni supposedly sold Italian holiday sweets for charity but allegedly did not donate the proceeds).

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are seen at Gucci Ancora during Milan Fashion week on September 22, 2023 in Milan, Italy. Stefania M. D’Alessandro/Getty Images for Gucci

Their separation process has been marked by several controversies, including a shouting match at one of their children’s birthday parties, a legal battle over their kid’s exposure, and a tearful Fedez expressing how much he loved Chiara on Italian TV prime-time.

But now it seems their divorce is now definitive. The split is further evidenced not only by the couple putting their mansion, Villa Matilda on Lake Como, up for sale, but also by Fedez’s new romantic relationship. Initially linked to OnlyFans model Giulia Ottorini a month ago, Fedez has now confirmed a relationship with a much younger blonde model, 20-year-old French socialite Garance Authié. The two were seen together last week at the Monaco Grand Prix, with Fedez (34) on the verge of turning 40.

This news isn’t just confirmed by the Italian press; Fedez himself posted a photo of Garance on his Instagram stories, showing the French model eating a plate of pasta.

Is this the confirmation of a new relationship? It certainly seems so. However, outlets like Elle Italia suggest this relationship might be orchestrated or at least publicized to divert media attention from other recent scandals surrounding Fedez, such as the beating of celebrity personal trainer Cristiano Iovino. A month ago, Iovino was attacked by a group of 8-9 people, allegedly including the singer.

Although the rapper is not being investigated, it is suggested that he paid Cristiano 500,000 euros to avoid another legal scandal, according to the Italian media outlet.

Chiara Ferragni’s Reaction

In recent days, Chiara Ferragni has not made any comments that could be seen as directed at her ex-husband, Fedez. After months of controversy, Ferragni has remained relatively discreet in recent weeks.


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Her only response to the news of Fedez’s new romance was sharing photos from her time in Madrid, Spain. Although she smiles in the pictures, her face appears somber and glassy-eyed, suggesting she might not be in the best place emotionally.

Nonetheless, she didn’t hesitate to leave a message for her fans in the country: «Thank you to all my Spanish fans I met these days, you gave me so much love, and thank you, Madrid, for the wonderful memories,» she wrote in an Instagram story. Hours later, the celebrity shared another image announcing her return to Milan after spending the weekend away.