The Reason Behind Chiara Ferragni & Fedez’s Divorce

The Italian press has confirmed their breakup

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It seems that February is not turning out to be the month of love, not even with the presence of Valentine’s Day. If last week we were astonished by the sudden breakup of Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole, one of the star couples in Latin music, now we receive with great sadness the divorce of Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni and her husband, rapper Fedez.

Despite some hopeful signs for the couple, such as the Italian singer returning home for Valentine’s Day to spend it with family, the Italian edition of Vanity Fair has confirmed that he has left the penthouse he shares with Ferragni in the luxurious residential complex of CityLife, in the Portello district of Milan.


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The Breakup Reason: The ‘Pandoro Scandal’

In recent weeks, rumors of distance in the couple have intensified, especially following the so-called «pandoro-gate.» This refers to the media scandal indicating that the influencer had been selling the Pandoro Pink Christmas at a high price, promoting it as a supposed charitable cause aimed at fighting bone cancer at the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin.

This charitable activity turned out to be untrue, as the donations made by Balocco, Ferragni’s company, were a one-time payment of 50,000 euros to the hospital months before the launch of Ferragni Pandoro. Therefore, the product sales had no effect on charitable donations, as reported by Italy’s Antitrust Authority (AGCM).


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This scandal, which has taken a toll on the Italian blogger’s reputation, has also caused significant damage to their relationship, which was already in crisis. The previous edition of the San Remo festival, where Fedez publicly kissed rapper Rosa Chemical, had already caused tensions in the couple.

Months later, Chiara had allegedly postponed any decision regarding her marriage due to her husband’s illness — Fedez is in a delicate health situation after undergoing pancreatic cancer surgery in March 2022— followed by several blood transfusions. However, he reportedly did not offer the same support for his wife’s legal scandals, although he did support her in a controversial social media video criticizing the press.

«Since San Remo last year, the love story between the two had deteriorated, but the influencer had postponed any decision to stay close to her sick husband. However, when she faced difficulties, Fedez was less generous and accused her that her legal problems were also having negative effects on his business. A game of recriminations in which Fedez raised the conflict while trying to keep the situation under control. Then the rapper fled to Miami with his assistant and finally left the house,» reveals a source to Vanity Fair Italy.


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After the Pandoro scandal, several media outlets indicated the possibility that Chiara and Fedez could undergo a «tactical divorce,» meaning they would stop appearing together on social media to avoid the magnitude of public harassment they were dealing with. However, it seems that this distancing, already noticeable on platforms where they have not shared content together for some time, has become the prelude to a real separation.

Another indication confirming this separation has been the couple’s recent movements: while Fedez seems to be posting content away from his family home in Milan, Ferragni has changed her profile picture, where Fedez no longer appears. She has also removed the word «wife» from her Instagram bio, leaving only the categories of «mother» and «entrepreneur.» She also shared an image of a book with a dedication: «In life, both winning and losing will happen. What is never acceptable is to stop.» And then a second one that says, «Power is not out there, it’s within you.»