Christian Nodal Reveals Why He Wouldn’t Sing ‘Adiós Amor’ Again

The singer also opened up about his new single during his interview with Riva Pop

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Recently, Christian Nodal made an appearance on the El Brunch show, sharing some exciting updates. He discussed his upcoming ‘Pa’l Cora Tour 2024’ and his latest single, «Kbrón y Medio.» During the interview with Riva, he revealed interesting details about these projects, giving us a glimpse into what’s to come.

Nodal’s love for music and his deep connection to his roots are evident in everything he does. His new single, «Kbrón y Medio,» is set to be released on June 6th. The song is a unique blend of country and his distinctive style. The term ‘Kbrón’ is a variation of ‘Cabrón,’ which can mean different things in Mexico depending on the context, ranging from a simple expression to describing someone’s character.

Confessions & Fun Facts

The singer expressed his pride in the song, describing it as intense and showcasing a mix of styles that mark a progression in his music. He also aimed for an album with a diverse range of genres. As for the song’s meaning, we’ll have to wait until it’s released to fully grasp it.

     Regional Mexican music has always been very careful with its lyrics, but I wanted to speak clearly and directly, to express what the heart truly feels,” Nodal explained.

In addition, he shared personal anecdotes and preferences. For example, although «Adiós Amor» is one of his most successful songs and a fan favorite, he wouldn’t mind never performing it again. Can you guess why? Well, he’d choose singing it over giving up watching the series One Piece. Quite unexpected, right?

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Also, he shared that if he could have dinner with anyone, he’d choose to dine with Jesus Christ, showing his curiosity and quest for deeper understanding. If you’re curious to learn more, make sure not to miss the full interview.

Pa’l Cora Tour

The ‘Pa’l Cora Tour (For the Heart) 2024’ holds a special significance for Nodal. This tour, covering Mexico, Central America, the United States, and Europe, marks a major milestone in his career. Nodal becomes the first solo regional Mexican artist to take his music to so many corners of the world.