Christian Nodal Confirms New Relationship After Cazzu Breakup

Ángela Aguilar has opened up about her romance with the singer

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On May 23rd, Christian Nodal made it official that he and Cazzu had called it quits. This happened just 8 months after their daughter Inti was born and almost two years into their relationship. Amidst the gossip about their breakup, rumors started swirling about Nodal possibly moving on with another singer: Ángela Aguilar, singer and daughter of the famous Mexican American artist, Pepe Aguilar. 

After a few days of speculation about them traveling together to Rome and then to Texas, Ángela has confirmed her romantic relationship with Nodal. But this isn’t a new thing; Ángela revealed in an exclusive interview with HOLA! that their love story began when they collaborated on «Dime Cómo Quieres» back in 2020, when both were single. 

     It’s not a new relationship; it’s picking up where we left off. Life made us hit pause, and during that time apart, we grew and realized how much we missed each other. When we reunited, we felt more authentic than ever” – Ángela Aguilar. 

It should be clarified that in the interview, the couple made it clear that their relationship began only after Nodal and Cazzu had ended their relationship. Not before. They also declared that they are both very much in love and excited to resume a love story that didn’t happen at the time.

Part of the reason might be that in 2020, Nodal was 21 and she was only 17, so it might not have been the right time for such a serious relationship as they now mention they want. They also talked their future together. 

Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar perform on stage during Premios Juventud 2019 in Florida. Jason Koerner / Getty Images.

What’s Next for Inti? 

During a Mexican television appearance, the singer behind «La Intención» expressed his determination to move forward and provide the best for his baby, ensuring a stable and harmonious environment. Despite his separation from Cazzu, Nodal acknowledges her as an ‘incredible mother’.