Camila Cabello on First Love and Losing Virginity: ‘It Was Late for Me’

The singer shares the details on a podcast about what was her first great love story

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Now that she is about to release a new album, Camila Cabello is more present in the media, and not just to talk about music.

It was June 2019 when the press was filled with headlines announcing the breakup of the ‘Havana’ singer with Matthew Hussey, the British coach, 10 years older than her, with whom she had been dating for a year and a half.

They started their relationship after meeting on a TV set where he worked as a relationship expert. That happened in February, although the singer did not start talking about him until November of that same year, and they did not make the relationship official until they appeared together at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party in 2019. She celebrated her 22nd birthday with him.

But things didn’t work out, and now we have learned more details about that relationship thanks to the podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, where she appeared as a guest now that she is 27 years old.

First Love

Camilla revealed that he was her first boyfriend and the one she lost her virginity to. «I had my first relationship at that time,» she admitted, «I was outside where they had the TV with the scripts. In fact, I had listened to his podcast before… because he had a dating podcast. And now he’s married, so congratulations.»

The coach and author of seven relationship books married Audrey Le Strat last year. But there was a time when he became Camila’s first great love, and those first experiences are never forgotten.

“We went to dinner that night, and that was my first relationship,” she recalls about the day they met. “It was late for my first relationship. I was 20 years old,” she admitted.

The host asked her if she really hadn’t had sex before 20, and she was clear: “No! That was the first time I had sex. The first time I made love was at 20, 21… It was literally making love. It was beautiful.”

She confessed that sometimes it felt very calculated because, after all, he was a relationship expert who gave advice on the subject, “but I think, honestly, that also made him a great partner. He was a great person. It was like the perfect first relationship. He really broadened my world because he wasn’t in my industry either.”

She acknowledges that he expanded her cultural references: “It was like, ‘Oh my God, have you ever watched Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and have you ever seen Studio Ghibli movies?’ He really expanded my references.”

The breakup happened a few days before she released «Señorita» with Shawn Mendes. And that began a new love story with ups and downs, and despite giving it several tries, they realized they had grown in different ways.