Britney Spears’ Fandom for Rosalía: Dancing to Her Songs

There are two songs that she particularly loves: "CUUUUuuuuuute" and "LA COMBI VERSACE"

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Britney Spears‘ social media posts always surprise us, as the Toxic singer shares interesting images and videos on her Instagram profile that catch our attention.

Britney recently joined the Motomami club and has started dancing to several songs by the Spanish singer. However, there are two songs that she particularly loves: «CUUUUuuuuuute» and «LA COMBI VERSACE.» While enjoying a beach vacation, she took advantage of the beautiful surroundings to share a series of nine videos on her Instagram profile, dancing to the rhythm of Rosalía.

Britney hasn’t just danced to Rosalía’s songs at the beach, she also enjoys dancing at home, where she takes the chance to share some thoughts with her over 42 million followers: “I didn’t like how pale my legs looked in my last post !!! Lighting, especially in a ring light can do amazing things but it can also really mess things up. It’s all good … 👍🏻 we live and learn. Hope you guys are having a good day.”

In another video, Britney, known for ‘Oops.. I did it again,’ mentioned she’s ‘Working on my profile’ as she danced to «CUUUUuuuuuute» in a long pink dress with a matching flower print and black high-heeled shoes. 

What Does Rosalía Thinks?

It seems that these videos have not only been enjoyed by Britney’s fans but have also caught the attention of Rosalía herself. She has liked several tweets reporting that Spears had posted the mentioned videos. The Spanish singer, who has been quite active on this social network, especially as two years have passed since the release of her album Motomami, also liked a video in which the choreographer and creative director Charm La’Donna reminisced about choreographing Britney Spears’ performance at the Billboard Music Awards. 

Although earlier this year, news emerged that Britney Spears was retiring from the music industry, one can’t help but wonder if a collaboration between the pop princess and Rosalía might be on the cards in the future.