Becky G Reveals the Censored Words Bad Bunny Wanted to Include in Their Collaboration ‘Mayores’

The Puerto Rican singer's original verses in the track were much more explicit

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Becky G‘s career has been built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. She has earned her prominent position in the music industry through years of effort. Starting from a young age, she diligently crafted her musical journey. It officially began with «Shower,» her first hit, and gained immense popularity with the global sensation «Mayores.» Now, seven years after its release, the Mexican-American star is revealing a secret about the song’s lyrics.

“You know, I like them bigger, can’t even fit them in my mouth…”. This line from «Mayores» became unforgettable for those who danced to the song in subsequent years. Yet, it sparked controversy back then. Becky G always referred to kisses, though she cleverly used double entendre to add a playful twist. However, she recently shared on the Nude Project podcast that Bad Bunny’s original part in the song was much more explicit.

There’s a version of «Mayores» with a really strong verse from Bad Bunny. We had to change the lyrics because it was too upfront,» Becky G explains, mentioning that at the time, Bad Bunny wasn’t as big of a mainstream artist as he is now. «He was already popular back then, but more in the underground music scene.

Becky G’s Career Turning Point

Becky G started off in this industry with a hit, but then faced a period where getting back to the top took some time. She nearly called it quits, as she recalls in this interview.

“After ‘Shower,’ I thought it might be the end of my career. The music scene was different back then. I was at a point where I wanted to explore new things, try something different, and that’s when the opportunity with the ‘Power Rangers’ movie came along,” she explains. “I was focused on acting, even though I hadn’t taken any formal classes. So, if I’m exploring something new in my career, like filming in a studio, maybe I need to try a different approach in my music too.”

That’s when she decided to sing in Spanish: “It was time to conquer one of my biggest fears: singing professionally in Spanish. Luckily, it worked out. It was a dream come true for me. The first song we released was ‘Sola.’ Then came ‘Todo Cambió.’ It was a really cool experience.”