Bad Bunny’s Tattoos: Unveiling Story & Hidden Meanings (Updating)

Last year, he surprised everyone by suddenly showing up with a lot more tattoos

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Tattoos have undergone a significant evolution in society. Initially, they were viewed with suspicion due to their associations with prisons and gangs. However, nowadays, it’s more common to encounter people with tattoos than without.

This trend has become even more popular in the music industry, where tattoos are highly sought after. They’re not just inspiring those within the industry but also people and fans outside of it to choose permanent ink as well.

The Song that Has Made Bad Bunny Angry: "If you Like that Sh*t, Get Out of Here"
Bad Bunny on stage at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, FL on October 5, 2023. Alexander Tamargo/Telemundo) via Getty Images

Especially in the urban music scene, artists often have tattoos that cover a large part of their bodies. We’ve examined tattoos of artists like Peso Pluma before, and now it’s Bad Bunny’s turn.

Around 2020, Benito used to boast about not having any tattoos, and for a while, that was true. However, over time, he started getting a few tattoos, although they weren’t very noticeable. Then, he surprised everyone by suddenly showing up with a lot more tattoos than we were used to seeing on him. 


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Leg Tattoos

Pokemon Logo Tattoo

His first tattoo is likely one that we spotted in the music video of his hit song «Yonaguni«. In the clip, we get a glimpse of one of Bunny’s biggest interests: Japanese culture. There’s a scene where he’s shown in a tattoo parlor, getting the ‘Pokemon Go’ logo inked on one of his legs.

Initially, many of us thought it was just a drawing or a ‘fake’ tattoo. However, it’s real, and despite seeming somewhat trivial or just a trend from around 2016 when the game was popular, Bunny has revealed that ‘Pokemon Go’ holds significant meaning for him. He shared that he spent many memorable moments with his friends playing it, sometimes even until 3 or 4 in the morning, ‘catching’ pokemons.

Palm Tree

Benito has a palm tree tattoo with a circle behind it that looks like a sunset. While it’s pretty clear the tattoo shows his love for the beach, sea, sunsets, or palm trees, what’s interesting is that his ex-partner, Gabriela Berlingeri, has the exact same tattoo behind her right arm. 


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Planet with three ‘B’s

Below the palm tree, there’s a simple planet tattoo with three ‘B’s. Its meaning isn’t entirely clear, but it’s believed to stand for ‘Benito, Bysael, and Bernie,’ the artistic and real name of the singer and his two brothers. This theory makes sense not just because they’re family, but also because Bysael has the same tattoo on one of his legs as well. Some think it stands for ‘Bad Bunny Baby,’ but the first explanation seems more likely. 

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Map of Puerto Rico, Woman & Cat

Below the planet, he has a tattoo of the map of his homeland, Puerto Rico. Next to these tattoo, there’s one of a woman in a bikini or underwear, with her arms raised and hands behind her neck. Just above the woman, there’s a tattoo of a black cat with a moon on its forehead. This figure appears to be the same cat as «Gato de Noche,» his hit with Ñengo Flow.

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Moon Tarot Card 

While the true meaning behind it may only be known to Bunny himself, according to the ‘Lecturas’ website, this card has undergone significant changes over time, leading to various interpretations. The Moon card typically represents intuition and the unconscious mind. As the Moon reflects the Sun’s light (albeit dimmer), this card could symbolize enlightenment and a deeper understanding of oneself. The pool depicted below signifies the depths of the subconscious.