Residente Announces His New Album & Retirement from Diss Tracks

The album will be released in October or November, depending in part on a video he’s shooting with an actress

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René Pérez Joglar, widely recognized as Residente, embarked on a new musical journey a few weeks ago, which many perceived as a rebirth. The significance of actor Javier Cámara, portraying a priest in a short film, presenting him with his iconic cap, left no doubt that we were returning to the familiar rapper we have always admired. 

And he has certainly lived up to expectations with his first two singles. These risky musical and audiovisual proposals, with a runtime of almost 10 minutes each, mark the conclusion of «diss tracks» and express his intentions in the song ‘Quiero Ser Baladista’, featuring Ricky Martin. 

His visually striking music video, filled with flowing blood, abundant gunshots, and captivating sounds, instantly became a trending topic for several days. This served as a powerful prelude to what is about to unfold: a new musical masterpiece that has already captured global attention. And it appears that the anticipation for it will indeed be worthwhile. 

    The album will come out October, November. The date depends in part on a video I’m shooting with an actress I like very much. I’m going to include [already released singles] “René” and “This Is Not America,” but those are the only ones. The album will have 20, 21 tracks and they’re all like that, big songs. And there will be no diss tracks in there. You can diss me 15 million times and I won’t diss [back] Residente replied during an interview with Billboard.

As of now, the Puerto Rican artist has not yet confirmed the title of this new studio album, nor the exact release date. This new creation by the former Calle 13 member is on its way to making 2023 his own territory, with a proposal that is as original as it is distinctive within his musical career.

This will mark the end of 6 years of discographic silence (not musical) since the release of his debut album, Residente, in 2017. The musician wants to offer a new direction for his career, taking the reins to set his own artistic discourse. 

Quiero ser baladista’ and ‘Bajo y batería’

These are the first two audiovisual offerings, giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from this potentially visually conceptual album. 

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